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Giveaway: The Ins and Outs (Teehee!) of Vibes Going Mainstream (It's true!) - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

Giveaway: The Ins and Outs (Teehee!) of Vibes Going Mainstream (It’s true!)

Let it be noted, my mom subscribes to my blog.

That said, a teeny part of me is squeamish about this post — but the rest of me is very aware that if I were to buy her 50 Shades of Gray, she’d totally put it in her travel bag.

Anyway, Trojan just sent me their “wine and vibes” package so I could review their latest vibes on the market (and yes, Trojan VibrationsPleasure Package and reflect on the  growing mainstreaming of vibes and sex in pop culture. They are everywhere — 50 Shades of Grey, Hysteria the movie, Trojan Vibrators in drugstores, etc – and I think it’s genius. After all, can you think of anything we all have in common more so than sex?

(Not with each other, obviously.)

You guys, let me share something with you I learned years ago when I interviewed the owner of my favorite adult to store – sex toys have been around A LONG TIME. We’re talking thousands and thousands of years. In fact,  8-inch rod-shaped stone pleasure objects have been found that date back 30,000 years. IMAGINE WHAT THOSE WERE USED FOR. Tee hee. And Hippocrates in the 4th century B.C. claimed a woman’s uterus could dry out from lack of sex — a.k.a. “hysteria.” Guess what his solution was. Mmmhmm.

The vibrator is older than the vacuum, or the iron, or the microwave, or the coffee pot. (Probably because we all have our priorities.) In fact, before you had to go into a red-light district adult store to get them, they were not seen as porn. They were seen as MEDICINAL. That’s right!

Need further validation? Go to the gilded castle of all women. Sex and the City featured the Rabbit in one of their most famous episodes. “You don’t even need them to have sex with anymore,” said Miranda of men. “As I’ve just very pleasantly discovered.”

Well, if it’s true on Sex and the City….

Trojan’s lastest mainstream-found (as in right in the condom aisle at your fave drugstore) vibes include  Trojan Vibrating Twister, which is totally a twister! With twisting handle, it allows for multiple positions and options, including: 4 unique twistable positions and 8 total settings of 5 speeds and 3 pulse patterns, Vibrating Tri-Phoria with 8 total settings of 5 speeds and 3 pulse patterns, and the Vibrating Pulse – a compact wonder – geared toward precise stimulation with 6 total settings of 3 speeds and 3 pulse patterns. Totally travel friendly!

And you can’t get more mainstream than winning all of these here in my blog! One reader will win the Trojan “Wine and Vibes” kit, which includes all of the below (and pictured above):

·         Vibrator Trivia cards

·         Sex position of the day book

·         Dirty Minds game (so fun!)

·         Sexy slang game (think Pictionary w/ sexy, fun themes)

·         ALL the vibes Trojan produces!

·         Party favors so you can have a wine + vibes party of your own!

To enter to win, comment below and tell me why you need this kit – and then make sure you are following @AlyWalansky on Twitter and RT this giveaway. Deadline to enter is June 5. Good luck!


  1. slb3334@gmail.com

    put some spice in my life.

  2. Betty Baez

    This would spice it up between me and hubby, or when he’s not home ;) ssshhhh don’t tell haha @angelgenius27

  3. Liz

    I’m tired of weeding through these online dating sites! Give me something to make the time pass by between these lame attempts of meeting peopl

  4. Denise M

    i need this because it would definitely make my life and my husbands life more interesting

  5. kelly n

    I know somebody i want to gift i9t to..help me out here

    • kelly n

      twitter sorry..


  6. sweepmom

    My husband is usually the one to introduce new things in the bedroom. It would be nice to surprise him and give him some ideas of my own.

  7. Karen Gonyea

    Sounds like it could spice things up :)

  8. Aleisha

    i need the kit to spark my sex life….and to have a very “unique” :-) party!

  9. Debra Guillen

    Been married 31 year and would like to “spice” things up a bit
    twitter follower and RT this giveaway @aliasr2

  10. paul haddock

    Our 30 year anniversary is in 2 weeks, we need some spark

  11. Kathleen

    I need this kit because I’d like to spice things up a little or maybe a lot!

    Follow you on twitter as JT2ofusanddeals and tweeted:


    kport207 at gmail dot com

  12. Kelsey

    Well, it has been a hell of a couple years dating. The disappointment and frustration of endlessly being surprised in bad ways has gotten to me, and I am exhausted. I am taking a little break from dating (not forever of course, but just to let myself recharge my enthusiasum). This prize would deffinitly let me enjoy myself in my me time so that I can get back out there a new, enthusiastic women into the insane world of dating. It would also give me fun ideas for when I do find a worthy partner who is right for me. =)

  13. Que

    I need to spice up my bedroom life in a serious way & this kit would help jumpstart that!

    My Twitter: @OneLuckyElf
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/OneLuckyElf/status/207330107839356928

  14. Tracy Robertson

    I need this kit to keep things spicy and nicey!

  15. gabflab@live.com

    my wife would love this kit

  16. crissy

    add some spice to life

  17. Miranda Ward

    I follow you on Twitter ~ @gtpgirl19
    I Tweeted https://twitter.com/gtpgirl19/status/207998102542622721

    I need this to make my sex life hotter!


  18. Casey Everidge

    bring some spice back into my relationship!

  19. d moniz

    who doesnt need something new to bring a new spark to our love life

  20. Mariee

    I need this kit because I’m always up for adding more fun & spice in my life.

    Twitter: marieimy
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/marieimy/status/208648479189385216

  21. Michelle S

    I “need” this kit to bring some excitement into the bedroom. We’re just meh’ from time to time since he works a LOT and is gone into the field with his work buddies for weeks on end haha. He needs to TLC after being in the desert .

  22. Claire

    I need this because I’m single and too busy to date! ;) Twitter is @kaleidoscopeq

  23. Cary Gordon

    This would be great to win for date night!

  24. Angela W

    To add some extra spice in the bedroom

  25. Stacy

    This would get hubby off the computer and into bed! LOL

  26. Sarah Z

    I keep seeing these vibes and I am intrigued that a condom company is making them! I want to win to see how they compare – lol! (follow you on twitter and retweeted!)

  27. Toby Kernan

    A little friday night fun for the wifey and I…

  28. kj skib

    This can really help my sex life with my husband. After 2 kids, a little spice and fun is needed!

  29. kj skib

    Following on twitter: @mrsskib23

  30. Harriett Daniel

    My husband and I always want to spice up the bedroom!

  31. Jodi

    Can always use a little more spice :) I follow on twitter purehrt555 and retweeted https://twitter.com/purehrt555/status/209672953506439169

  32. Sonya

    Who wouldn’t love to add a little spice to their lives?

  33. Angela H

    I think it would be fun. :) @thisisme79

    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/thisisme79/status/209706499344318464

    thisisme79 @ gmail dot com

  34. Tom Shewbridge

    This would bring some uniqueness to our routine. Finding newness is never a bad thing sometimes.

    I follow you on twitter @medictom



  35. Douglas Houston

    Always up for a little fun in the bedroom

  36. ryandigweed0

    Could use some of this for some fun :) always lookin for a goodtime :)

  37. Stephanie

    It would add a little spark to my everyday!

  38. Jason

    To revitalize the bedroom

  39. Kathleen Conner

    Nice to have a little fun!
    followed you on twitter

  40. gina

    My husband would be so surprised & excited if I presented this fun kit to him, he deserves some exciting fun, so that is why I need to win it.

  41. Brandi

    I need this for intimacy after a baby!

  42. Kate S

    Just got a new bf- this is perfect way to kick off our relationship :)

  43. Caitlin M

    We could definitely have some fun with it!

  44. Amber Porter

    I could use a little excitement and different right now, follow you on twitter and tweeted https://twitter.com/skipthelaundry2/status/209818556844621825
    skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

  45. Natalie Parisee

    So cooool. I just can imagine the pleasur!

  46. amberlyn johnson

    Would love to spice things up. thanks

  47. Nat2

    I MUST have this! I have not been sexually active in 3 years , so you can imagine how sexually frustrated i am lol. TMI, I know.. and I’m keeping it that way for a while, so in the mean time i atleast need some toys to have fun with.

  48. Carly

    I need it because who doesn’t want to try out a new sex toy?

  49. Danielle

    need a spark

  50. kevin

    I would love this for the anniversary

  51. amy deeter

    put some love back into my love life

  52. Cee Love

    Could definitely use some spice in our lives!

  53. Tania

    I need some heat up in the bedroom. My bedroom is frigidly cold lately and could really use some oomph to get things started again! Thx!

  54. jessica h

    because I just had a new baby :)

  55. Jessica A

    I like to try new things.


  56. alicia

    i have a mind like no other…those toys and games would go great with my lover…i have been with him for five years… and i just want to keep him happy like i have been doing…when he smiles it makes my body feel like im on cloud nine…he makes me happy so whatever i can do to make him happy…i will…cus i love him

  57. Leslie S.

    I so need thus as after almost 16 years of marriage and 4 kids we need some spice.I want to light a spark in both of us.I tweeted : https://twitter.com/lstanziani/status/210095522701254657 .

  58. Tom Sawyer

    My wife is with her brother and sister-in-law for the month of June helping out with their new baby. She is FIVE HUNDRED MILES away from me! I am going to go an entire month without her sitting next to me in the car, snuggling with me on the couch, sleeping next to me… having SEX… a MONTH! We are going to be so ready to tear each other apart when she gets back, and this kit will just help increase the intensity of the explosions that await us!

    Sending the tweet now… https://twitter.com/realtomsawyer/status/210102983315292160

  59. mary renshaw

    I would LOVE to add some spice to my love life! My hubby would LOVE this!

  60. Dawn M

    I would love this to surprise my sweetie and add a little spark to our relationship.

    tweet sent

  61. amy

    to spice it up and make it more entertaining

  62. colorfulcarla@gmail.com

    I need this to add some spice, as other’s have said. I need some spice because I have a 10 month old, lol.

  63. Roxann Clark

    i’d use these to put a spark back into my relationship

  64. Erin Cook

    My husband and I need to put a little more spark our romantic love it is getting kind of dull

  65. Stacy

    A girl needs a little fun tee hee!

  66. Heather R

    After having a kid recently it would be great to get the spice back in the bedroom!

    Follow on Twitter and tweeted

  67. shirley zolenski

    We need some spice in our marriage.

  68. shirley zolenski

    follow u on twitter as daveshir2005 and tweeted

  69. Gaines Simmons

    I could use some spice.

  70. Brittney House

    I would love to spice up our love life!!

    twitter follower bbrittbrat1398

    and tweeted


  71. Katy M

    I’ve been married for almost 15 years.

    Enough said.

    Tee hee.


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