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In honor of (almost) Valentine's Day: A Love Story + Giveaway (Sony Xperia TL!) - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

In honor of (almost) Valentine’s Day: A Love Story + Giveaway (Sony Xperia TL!)

Oh, love.

Sometimes I love the idea of love, sometime I hate it — but it usually is dominating everything I do.

The last decade has brought about many new technologies that have changed the way we listen to music, read a book and even how we meet new people. Back in the day, people would strike up a conversation by commenting on the book you were reading or discuss an interesting article in the newspaper, nowadays people are intrigued by your new smartphone or tablet.

Case in point, Duane and Hope had worked in the same building for two years, but finally broke the ice when she asked him about his Sony cell phone. They started dating and are now happily engaged, thanks to that  phone!

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the nearly 100 million people that own a smartphone, I’ve teamed up with AT&T for a super fun — and romantic giveaway! We want to hear your stories about how technology has introduced you to that special someone.

One reader will win an AT&T Sony Xperia TL! Deadline to enter is February 20. Good luck!


  1. Sam Exel

    My wife worked at the same place as me when we met. I was working a helpdesk and she would “break” her computer on purpose so I would come fix it. It took 3 of these incidents before I worked up enough courage to talk with her. The rest is history. :)

  2. Kevin B.

    I enjoyed the story, but you never included how we could enter the giveaway for the Sony TL ANDROID Smartphone!

    • Hope W

      Thank you for enjoying our story

  3. Mary W

    My smartphone has helped me connect with my sister. She very patiently walks me through a steep learning curve and has made me a convert. I can now easily tweet, post, text and even call her when previously I could accomplish not one of those tasks. Now I am able to teach my friends and co-workers and look kinda smart!

  4. Nancy Reid

    Over twelve years ago before any internet dating services I did an aol search and found Jim online. I sent him an instant message which was his first ever, asking a law enforcement question, and we started chatting! I got an answer to my question and four years later a husband. I like to believe that we were one of the very first couples to meet on line and get married.

  5. linda

    well it more that geek love of tech got me together with DH. I was recently divorced, he was my landlord, we are both geek tech engineers and whenever I would “break” something in my house he would have to come over to fix it and we would talk geek engineer stuff…..and he was the first person I met that understood my fascination with invertor solar panels

  6. Doris C

    No never met a sweetheart because when I was in the dating age there was none but I have met a ton of interesting people and made a few good friends a few who I have met and never would have known.

  7. Phillisha Duffey

    Well, technology has really been a great thing for me. I met one of my boyfriends on the internet, not one of those dating websites, but just a site where people talk to one another while watching their favorite tv shows. (justin.tv) He was a great guy, but all in all he just wasn’t my type, he wasn’t the very social type. But then I met the guy I’m with now, and even through long distance, we love each other so much. He’s in Ireland, and well I’m not, so we’re both trying to figure out ways to get to each other. Btw, we knew each other before we developed feelings for one another. I just love him so much, and I’m glad technology brought us together.

  8. Maha

    I was walking on the boardwalk near the beach and too busy looking down at my phone, texting my best friend, and I accidentally walked right into somebody and when I looked up to apologize, I saw the most handsome face ever<3 Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Kenny F.

    we used email to keep up

  10. Joanna

    Technology has been a very dear friend to me and mu hubby since he travels often we get to skype and talk for long hours with out worrying about a bill. Happy Valentines Day to you and the AT&T team xx

  11. rich

    I met my wife through an online distance ed class we were both taking in grad school.

  12. Laura Royal

    I met my current boyfriend after looking up where I should eat while on vacation in Charleston, SC on my android smartphone. He was the manager on staff that night and it was a meal I will never forget! We’ve been together ever since and I’m not making plans to more to Charleston :)

  13. Elena

    I met my huband online. We kept in touch via emails and web cam

  14. Jake

    I used my smartphone a lot when it comes too love stories, From booking a reservation to sending out invites. It works super great! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  15. Hope W

    I am so thankful that our love story has spread some love and made others reminisce about love.

  16. Susan P.

    Technology hasn’t introduced me to my special someone since we’ve known each other since the era of cassette tapes but it keeps all my loved ones connected by email, messaging, texting and calling.

  17. Curtis

    I met my wife online on Myspace. Happily ever after.

  18. Amy Orvin

    I met my boyfriend on Match.com through the internet. Who would have none 2 people would fall in love online.

  19. Steve Dadolf

    I have to travel weekly for my job. I used email and text messages to communicate a few times a day to entice my wife to be to be the one.

  20. Nancy

    It has simplified the overall process through social media collaboration and sites, including meeting potential ‘ones’, even using teleconferences in setting up dates via webcams and webex mediums. We shall see if this is my year! Though it hasn’t happened yet…the possibilities of love abounds…

  21. helenlam

    We Skype and call on the mobile all the time. Love the free mobile-to-mobile calling!

  22. Meghan Finley

    I met my first love online and often wonder where I would have ended up without technological intervention.

  23. Chip

    Yes, smartphones are the best way to hide geek love. Instead of lugging a laptop, these days I can carry the full power of the internet with me in pocket size. When I met my wife, I was able casually impress her about her interests by just speaking into my smartphone and getting interesting tidbits.

  24. Wendy T.

    I don’t have any good romantic technology stories, BUT I would just love love to win this Xperia TL, I’m really falling for it, it’s a gorgeous phone! I think I must have it now and I have AT&T service already, the TL & I are meant to be don’t you think. ..?

  25. Theresa J

    My sisters best friend met her husband on match.com. She always thought she would be alone and ended meeting a wonderful man that she married in October 2012. He is a widower and a father of two young boys and now has a full family and is super happy.

  26. tiffany stone

    i met my husband online 15 years ago.!

  27. denice p

    I met my husband in a chat room. He lived in Philly and I was living in Texas. I know our paths would never have crossed but I am glad that it did because I am extremely happy with him.

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