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My Rain Bonnet Has Gone Modern - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

My Rain Bonnet Has Gone Modern

140608-hood2go_027_2I don’t think it comes as any surprise that I’m immoderately obsessed with my hair.

Blame my mom (my inspiration in most things), but I’ll risk life and limb to protect a blowout. True story: My mom once shattered an elbow running to beat out the rain. It’s her only broken bone ever.

And while I’ve had many non-hair-related injuries, in the situation, I’d have done the same. Because of this — bones aren’t very easy to fix, you guys! — we’ve been trained to carry disposable shower caps with us at all times. And I do. They are in my purse. I take them out on a rainy day, in case a hotel bathroom has a shoddy shower cap situation, at a dentist office, on water rides…really, you never fully know when your hair may get wet.

But the truth is, while I will never stop carrying my disposable shower cap, they aren’t the most practical of life choices. I don’t base my decisions on people staring — but they DO stare. And they may possibly think I’m a wee bit nuts. (But I’m the nut without frizzy hair, so whatever.)

Once upon a time, all grandmas worth their salt had a hair bonnet. And no one judged them. So, I wonder if the issue isn’t so much the shower cap but the vehicle of which the shower cap’s function is delivered? People tell you guacamole makes you fat. But it doesn’t. It’s the chip you use to get it in your mouth.

But I digress.

If you are like me, buying coats is often dependent on the hood situation. I confess, I’ve bought coats I don’t really love — or don’t love as much as other coats — simply because one had a hood. I’ve also been that crazy person wearing a hoodie in mid-August (pre-carrying disposable shower caps, obvi – though I do believe in double protection), because I rather sweat like a man than frizz my hair.

There’s been many times I’ve worn a coat because the time for the hood was right, even though the coat itself was not necessary. And while – – I KNOW- there’s those coats out in the world that have a hood that zips into the collar of a jacket or coat, do I look like a person who is industrious enough to unzip a collar and roll it out of the hood? How does that even work? It’s not that I’m high maintenance. My hair might be, though.

Anyway. All this introspection (hairtrospection?) is due to a Hood To Go arriving in my mailbox this weekend. It’s a GENIUS compact hood that you can wear under ANY JACKET YOU WANT. It’s adorable, protects hair, and you can toss it in a bag when the sun comes back. We know Murphy’s Law. Doesn’t it always rain on the bestest of hair days? Duh. Always.

SAVE YOURSELF. The hood is attached to a small, lightweight vest that is invisible under your coat. Flip up the hood when you need it, flip it down when the sun comes out. I’m obsessed.

What are some crazy things you do to protect your hair? Please tell me I’m not alone!


  1. Lily

    You are not alone. You are a hair genius. I carry the hair lit since I read about it here on alittlealytude.

  2. Roy

    Hi , the Hood to Go looks okay and I am sure it will be popular with many people who do not want that granny look when wearing a rain bonnet. But I prefer a rain bonnet because it folds up so small you would not know it was in your pocket. I am a guy and I have worn one for nearly five years , it is clear with black trim , has a visor and extends over your coat collar giving you complete protection. Of all the headwear I have worn over the years nothing works as good as this. I have never had a negative response to date , I just think to myself this is 2014 and not the 1950s.

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