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Now, women are putting Botox in their jawline! - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

Now, women are putting Botox in their jawline!

dryounRecently, Bethenny Frankel made headlines when she revealed she had gotten Botox in her jaw to relax a jaw made tense by years of  teeth grinding and clenching. The results softened her jawline and changed the whole appearance of her face — but is this something people other than her are doing? And that we should consider looking into?

It’s actually quite common says one expert. “I inject Botox into the jawline (the masseter muscles) quite often,” says Anthony Youn, M.D., F.A.C.S. of YOUN Plastic Surgery, in Michigan, author of The Age Fix. “It was initially used in Asia to decrease the width of the jawline, and has now become popular in the States. When Botox is injected into the masseter muscles of the jawline it causes the muscles to weaken. With time (at least a month), the muscles begin to atrophy, or get smaller.” This causes the jaw to look narrower and thinner.

Bethenny got her jaw Botox’d and it softened up her jawline area following teeth grinding. “Botox injections to the masseter muscles is often used in episodes of teeth grinding. Oral surgeons also inject it for TMJ issues. When people chew gun a lot, this can also cause the masseter muscle to get larger and more developed,” says Dr. Youn. Botox injections can reverse this.

There is a small risk of hematoma (blood collection) with the injection. “If too much Botox is used, it’s possible that the person can have issues with chewing tough or hard food, like a tough steak. There are a lot of other muscles that power the act of chewing, though, so it’s relatively rare to see this as a problem afterwards,” says Dr. Youn.

It may help us curb that desire to eat, too. “Studies have shown a small percentage of people feel it’s harder to chew food and they have a weaker bite.”

With the use of Botox to the jawline the more invasive procedures, like surgically shaving down muscle and bone, have become less and less common. “Botox is really the best treatment to narrow or thin the jawline and works great. In most patients I start with anywhere between 25-35 units on each side, and it can take a couple treatments to get maximal narrowing of the jaw. The treatment must be repeated approximately every 6 months,” says Dr. Youn.

The post is in partnership with Smart Beauty Guide, however all thoughts are my own.

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