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Are You Spa-ing and Using Plastic Surgery To Improve Your Sex Life? - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

Are You Spa-ing and Using Plastic Surgery To Improve Your Sex Life?

Image via pexels.com

Image via pexels.com

Many people have considered plastic surgery to improve how they look or feel about themselves. A tummy tuck, liposuction, or breast augmentation can be a big improvement to one’s self esteem.

But have you ever considered plastic surgery to improve your sex life? You wouldn’t be alone. One of the main contributing factors to enjoying sex more is the comfort that you have with your own body. “Many people are anxious about the appearance of their body, and will go to great lengths to avoid allowing their partner to see the part of the body which creates anxiety. Self-acceptance of that body area can be supported by a cosmetic surgery procedure leading to a more relaxed approach to intimacy. Many patients have related that to me following breast augmentation, tummy tuck, vaginal rejuvenation or liposuction,” says plastic surgeon Sheldon Lincenberg, MD.

Positive body image and improved self esteem can take you very far. Whether it’s the confidence you get from bigger breasts or a flatter tummy, feeling more sexually attractive can lead to more sexual attraction, itself. And that leads to more and better sex. Clearly not all sexual ups and downs have nips and tucks as the answer (maybe you want to work on your brain vs. your body???!) but some absolutely do.


It’s not surgery, but a lot of us are using waxing to change our appearance “down there” in the name of sexual attraction.

“Grooming of the pubic region is an extension of generalized grooming and grooming in general displays a sense of pride and composure to ones personality,” says Lincenberg. These personality characters are a strong attractant to the opposite sex, especially those people that pride themselves in maintaining their appearance.

It is funny how society’s fluctuations in grooming styles extends to the not-often-seen private areas of the body. “Just as hairstyles and beard styles go through trends, so does pubic hair styling. Currently, the attention given to pubic hair styling seems to have received more media attention than in the past. The media has an unlimited appetite for material to report, especially when it comes to celebrity habits. The display of pubic grooming by magazines and the internet has a substantial impact on personal grooming styles. It appears that the pendulum is beginning to swing back to a more natural pubic hair contour, though it is really too early to make conclusions,” Lincenberg says.

This post is part of a partnership with Smart Beauty Guide and is sponsored. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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