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Ready to trade in that iPad2 for the new iPad? Some tips. - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

Ready to trade in that iPad2 for the new iPad? Some tips.

So, lets say you got an iPad 2 just a few weeks ago. You’ve barely set it up to your comfy zone when suddenly…the new iPad is out, and you find yourself…obsolete.

Not that this happened to me – except obviously, it did, but I’m imagining a lot of Apple fellow-sheep are in a confused state right now. We’re excited about the new iPad launched earlier today — except we’re not. Because we already realize we just may be screwed.

For those ready to trade in old for new — you can earn around $300 for your iPad 2 using trade-in services like Nextworth, BuyMyTronics and eBay. Hey, that gets you halfway to your new one when it’s in stores next week!
Do your research. Trade-in sites offer estimates to help you gauge how much money you can get for your old iPad 2. For instance — as of earlier today — a black 16GB WiFi in like new condition will fetch $291.89 at Nextworth.com. Meanwhile, that same iPad 2’s trade-in value at buymytronics.com is $267. So do your research and find out where you can get the most cash.
Lock in a Trade-In Price
It’s only going to go down. And down. And down.  Gazelle offers a 30-day price guarantee. By locking in a price early you are likely to get more money for your trade-in.

Search for the Box
Having the original packaging for your iPad 2 will help you get more money. In fact, at Nextworth.com the box is valued at about $10.

What are you doing? Are you ready to score your next iPad?


  1. Mike

    Obsolescents is relative.

    If the computer/iPod/tablet you are using is doing the job for you it isn’t obsolete.

    I have a first gen iPad I use. It does what I want. I see no need to buy an iPad 2 or third gen…

    I used to waste money on being an early adopter of new technology. I sold a lot of perfectly good tech, that met my needs. I wish I had all that money back

  2. Ava

    Thanks for this info. I don’t have an iPad of any generation yet, but I can feel my resistance weakening. This info will be useful when I get ready to upgrade, and presumably will be useful whenever iPhone 5 comes out. It’s rumored that it will have a larger screen, and if that’s the case, I’ll cave on that too!

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