Spring is in the air — where will you be traveling?

I feel like this week in Austin, I got a sneak peek at Spring — and my own little Spring Break of sorts.

Don’t get me wrong — I wasn’t lounging on the beach. I actually had some mega-packed days. But I enjoyed (too much) good food, live music, time with close friends, and, well, way too many light night cocktails.

Do grown-ups get spring break? It’s a good question – we can make it so for ourselves, though.

Life is a little more complicated than when we were 22 and sought little more than limitless cocktails and epic beaches. It can be difficult for grown-ups to craft civilized vacations in warm climates during the peak bacchanalia times of March and April. But it’s by no means impossible—if you know where to go. Check out the guide I wrote for SheKnows.com this week — Spring is for lovers — the best places to have your next spring fling. (Because obviously that’s on the agenda no matter how old you are.)


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  1. Nancy Reid

    I think you are feeling well and back in the saddle again! So happy for you! As for me, just back from a cruise! Next stop Nashville! So excited!

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