Hello from Palm Beach!

A lot has happened since I last checked in (i.e. I spent 5 AMAZING days in Cancun).

Then, I flew to Fort Lauderdale, where I spent one night in the Hyatt Placeto review their new skillet breakfast options (seriously innovative breakfast sandwiches for your traditional free morning breakfast buffet!).

First of all, it’s always free. (As were the curious but well-appreciated drink coupons I was given at check in) and had plenty to choose from, like my santa fe breakfast bagel and other hot breakfast sandwiches, but also teel-cut oatmeal or fresh fruit, french toast, and cereal.

It was the perfect fortification before moving onto my next step, where I am now at the amazing Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Resort and Spa.

My room (pictured at left) looks a little something like heaven (we’ll give you  a video tour later!).

I’m here in south Florida — my dear friend Sarah Conley is here as well! — as a guest of a few properties in Palm Beach and Miami, so it involves packing up and moving around a lot – but we’re already having a blast. Last night we had an 8-course tasting menu (with wine pairings!) and this morning we’re headed to meditation class, followed by aromatherapy massages, and then deeply serious work (while sitting in our private beachfront cabana!)

Oh and did I mention this balcony? Because it is a feature on our corner suites, and it is amazing, don’t you think?

Photo credit: Sarah Conley!

(Or, more importantly, I look amazing on it.)

As you can see, I’m wasting no time (after the winter of sadness and regret) of reclaiming my summer as my own and it is thus far a SUCCESS.

Girlfriends getaways are a key component of taking the time to regroup after a stressful time (or any time at all!) – check out the roundup I just wrote for LovingYou on some of my fave girlfriends getaways spots – some of the places I’m visiting this week are on there!

Another way to bond with your BFFs? HAPPY HOUR WORKOUTS. My friend Allie an I are always going to local classes together in NYC, and right now, Sarah and I are planning some fun classes for while we are here this week – including daily AM yoga on the beach!!

What are your favorite happy hour workouts? It’s the best way to work up a seriously good buzz (other than than that other way, of course.)


  1. Ravzie

    I think you need to take me with you on some of these awesome trips!!!

    We could watch mens diving from the balcony while we drink fancy tropical cocktails.

    And then go to yoga in the morning – if we must.

  2. Nancy Reid

    This is exactly why I love and live in Palm Beach County! Just give a holler if you get the itch to become a snow bird. Jim’s a realtor and knows the county like the back of his hand!

  3. Angela Mathews

    How did you get into blogging? That’s something that I’ve been thinking about doing but need more information. Do companies pay you for blogging about them? Is that how you’re able to take wonderful trips like the one to Palm Beach? Sounds fascinating to me!! Send info to me asap!!!

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