Fave spots to enjoy spring in the city

April is going to be a pretty intense few weeks for me.

Over the course of this month, I’ll be traveling to Vegas, Wisconsin, and Seattle — and that’s all in a two week period!!! – and I’m pretty excited. Some of these spots I’ve never been to before, and all the trips promise to full of new discoveries.

But I think it’s important sometimes to appreciate the value of the beauty within our own backyard.

It’s funny to consider this concept right now — Passover is very much a time of celebrating the concept of exodus, after all. Even the eating of Matzoh – what so many people of all faiths immediately associate with the holiday –is symbolism of getting away. Getting away SO quickly that the bread did not have time to rise.  That’s the whole reason that during Passover, eating of chametz (bread and leavened products) is forbidden. We are remembering fleeing — fleeing from tyranny and oppression – and doing so that quickly – so quickly that an issue like the rising of our bread did not matter. It is meant to encourage us to keep away from inflated ego and appreciate one’s freedom and independence.

This is something I hugely appreciate – and want to fulfill. It’s why I started to do so much travel writing in the first place. But sometimes I wonder if I engage in travel lust at the expense of finding all there is to love in my own home city.

This week, I had an assignment for LovingYou.com – find a few great spots to enjoy Spring in the city. Woe is me, I had to grab some of my gal pals, and hop from spot to spot, enjoying bites and cocktails and seeing what spring had to offer. Obviously, though this article is now live — check out my post on The Best Spots to Enjoy Spring in New York City here on LovingYou.com — researching it is still very much a work in progress. In fact, look for Travel Lust: Brooklyn in the weeks to come!

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  1. Nancy Reid

    You must visit the Public Market in Seattle if you have never been there to see the fist throwers! It’s an experience!

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