Check out my new Travel Lust series on LovingYou!

Remember last month when my friend Sarah and I hit Florida on our girlfriends getaway?

Well, check out my latest post for LovingYou.com — and you’ll see some of the fun spots we hit (and spa’d, and drank, and ate, and then spa’d some more…)

It’s actually the first in a series of Travel Lust features in queue – other locations to be featured in the coming weeks include Cancun, Nashville, and Coastal Virginia’s wine country!


  1. Nancy Reid

    Nice ~ I will look forward to it!

  2. Ravzie

    Nice write up! I want to meet up with you when you come to Virginia!!!

  3. Ava Roxanne

    I can’t wait to here about your Travel Lust List! Love it!

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