Austin, Texas (one of my new favorite cities, obviously)

I’ve long had a bit of a love affair with the state of Texas.

Whether it’s the fantasies of cowboys lasso-ing me and us riding away on their horses or the visions of hill country and the best BBQ and Tex Mex the nation has to offer, there’s just so much to love.

And I felt all that before I stepped foot in Austin earlier this month.

Austin is like no other part of Texas – it’s a world onto itself. And it’s a world I’m now just a little bit obsessed with. Between SXSW, the food, the music, and maybe possibly speeding around a race course, I had a pretty fabulous visit — and I can’t wait to go back!

Check out my latest post for LovingYou.com — TRAVEL LUST: AUSTIN.

(And stay tuned, I have a piece coming up for another site on ways to navigate SXSW and other hot indie festivals without blowing your budget! Must-read intel!)

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  1. Nancy Reid

    I love Austin! A city of young people with Whole Foods headquarters and street that rocks the country with live music! Throw in the BBQ, Cowboys and country music and you have a recipe for fabulous!

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