What’s your sad single behavior?

thumbsupA lot of us have such antics.

For instance, I like to unwind at night while watching my daily soaps – often while tweezing stray brow hairs.

Some of us order takeout from the same place over and over (mine is a local falafel joint), others may like to sleep naked…because they can.

Some of this is fun, some of it is ridiculous, and some means that we really are in a rut.

Remember when we were in high school? Combatting frustration with life and routine (and, uh, loneliness) was as easy as joining a club or taking on a new sport. I was never much for sports — it’s sad but true — but I was all about starting a club. In fact, I was the founder and original president of the Soap Opera Society at Murrow High School.

Take that, cheerleaders.

But then you grow up, and it gets harder.

Recently, I read about NYC Social, a co-ed, adult recreational sports club and social network in New York City. It’s mission statement is pretty adorable — they want to create a framework for new friendships, ideal for newcomers, or people who just need new friends. (Some of which may be true for many of us…)

It’s open to adults 21+ from the boroughs of New York City as well as from Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and includes leagues in everything from dodgeball and volleyball to soccer and trivia. (I’m totally a trivia type of girl, but imagine dodge ball?! Brings new meaning to HITTING ON SOMEONE!)

It’s absolutely an idea if you are single and looking to meet someone, new in town and looking to make friends, or in a couple and looking to find new activities — all of which I could appreciate. (Well, except the couple part.)

Would this be the sort of thing you and/or your mate may be interested in?



  1. Nancy Reid

    Anything that brings young people together in an active and safe environment is great! Looks like fun. Too bad I’m an old person. LOL xox

  2. Kymberly Pray

    My sad, single behavior is glancing at a guy in the grocery store (always in a grocery store, it must be the domesticity element), meeting, falling in love and then falling out of it before we ever speak. Often this is because a “hidden” girlfriend will sudden appear. She turns up just as I am about to ask him if he knows anything about reigniting the pilot light in a gas stove as I plan to make my famous spicy lasagna for dinner. Alas, off they saunter to have romantic supper (though I fantasy they end up arguing and he posts in the Missed Connections section on Craig’s List). I then return to looking at the single-serving portions of fruit cocktail.

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