What’s your fantasy? (and a sexy giveaway!)

Just in time for a little Mistletoe action, Astroglide contacted me to share survey they had done asking the question: “What’s your most frequent bedroom fantasy?”

There were many responses, including some very interesting ones!

–      Sex in exotic locales: With most people on a tight budget, even going out to dinner can be a fantasy. Once your fantasy destination is determined, why not surf the web for images of said locale, print them as large as possible into a mosaic and act out your cabana boy or girl fantasy in your living room. Don’t forget the umbrella drinks!

–      Man or Woman in Uniform: What better time of year  to stock up on police officer, firefighter, or fighter pilot costumes?

–      Sex in public settings: No surprise seeing this popular fantasy.  Just be careful or you could end up being the talk of the office water cooler for misdemeanor nakedness.

–      Dominating a partner: For beginners at this fantasy, sometimes all it takes is a costume, for example Catwoman or a strong superhero would suffice. Even with minimal acting skills, we’ve heard that pulling on some kind of mask helps set the right mood.

–      Multiple Partners: While this can be titillating, it can also be risky, especially if undertaken on a whim – who wants an STD to bring in the holidays, right? With a little imagination and some electronic goodies, you could be in business. Just don’t forget the Astroglide.

Renowned sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright, Astroglide Sexual Health and Wellness Ambassador, reviewed all of the fun but unscientific poll responses. She created some tips and benefits for lovers who want to incorporate fantasies into their healthy sex lives.

  • Fantasies can aid in arousal, especially useful for anyone who might need to a boost to perform their best.
  • Both men and women can reach deeper orgasms if they are thinking about or engaging in a fantasy.
  • Discussing fantasies with your partner can help shy lovers to overcome inhibitions and give you a jolt of increased confidence.
  • Fantasy can be an inexpensive and effective way to revive a stale sexual relationship. You can skip the expensive dinner and enjoy a spicy evening at home.
  • You can revisit favorite fantasies throughout the day, to build foreplay for the evening activities or to simply get through the work day.
  • A fantasy between couples can make each partner feel more desired and attractive, resulting in better sex and a possibly a stronger relationship!
  • Couples can try different fantasies for various locales, such as pretending to be amorous strangers while traveling.

Feel like enacting some of your own fantasies? In other of adding a little passion to Cyber Monday (cause obviously we all need it!), I’m doing a sexy giveaway with Astroglide: One winner will win all of the following: Astroglide Liquid, Astroglide X, Astroglide Natural, and AstroglideVibe. To have a chance to win, please comment below with YOUR secret fantasy (feel free not publish your name and just share your email address with me) – one winner will be chosen by December 5. Good luck!



  1. jw

    I would love to be dominated by my wife wearing a uniform like a nurse/doctor, or a police uniform :)

  2. Name*

    I want to sub to a man with an foreign accent. He’d shave me, then tie my wrists and ankles to the bedpost, blindfold me and tease me for hours.

  3. Name*

    My fantasy is with Vin Diesel….
    I am a mechanic ( yes, i am a woman) greasy, dirty and oiled up and Vinnie comes up behind me and grabs my bottom, not hard just enough to get the excitement happening. He turns me around rips !!!!open my overalls and we do the deed on the bonnet of a 64 chevvy. :)

  4. Name ;)

    There is something hot about the idea of a hot, dominating professor with an accent, and a very bad school girl. Someone to spank you for being just so bad and tempting. They know you are off limits, but just can’t help themselves even though someone could walk in and catch you at any moment. It would bring a whole new flavor to conference meetings.

  5. *

    I still want to have elevator sex with someone I’ve just met.

    /this will never happen

  6. Silver

    Two Words: George Clooney

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