Falling in love with my new ComforPedic iQ mattress

mattressThe upside of my life is that I have an adorable apartment on an adorable block in one of the “it” areas of New York City.

The down side? It’s tiny. Stupid tiny. As in, adult woman sleeping on a twin-sized bed, tiny.

When you are dealing with a complicated, small living space — the inclination is sometimes just to give up. You know it can’t be what you want it to be, so you sort of stop trying.

(The same can be said for many a relationship, but I digress.)

And so, even though I’ve lived in my apartment for a good stretch now, I’ve done very little with it. I have storage boxes and bags and piles everywhere. And I’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for well over a decade.

It’s sad. Very sad. Well, until about a month ago when Simmons contacted me and offered to let me have one of their new ComforPedic iQ mattresses to try out.

Brave new world is a real thing, my friends.

When I was sent literature on this new mattress, I was told participants in a sleep study at Temple University School of Medicine were able to fall asleep faster, experience increased REM sleep, and spend less time lying awake.

I chuckled to myself. No one has worse insomnia than me. No one ever. No mattress will ever change that.

The new ComforPedic iQ mattress has patented Smart Response technology, that features 16 internal chambers that naturally and continuously adapt to your body’s every position—all without motors or  electronics. It does so by calibrating to your body’s position for the right support. So, you’ll benefit from personalized support and pressure relief based on your body type.

The new ComforPedic iQ mattress — whose four models cost from $1,999  to $3,700 — contains a technology that uses air chambers to continuously adapt to a sleeping body.  That’s pretty high-tech, obviously, but I had my doubts it would work.

Technology is a beautiful thing, my friends.

I’ve had this bed in my life for a few weeks, and shockingly, I’ve started to sleep better and wake up with less headaches and body aches. Even more so, it’s amazing how motivational it’s been. The new bed led to me wanting to invest in new bedding, and before I knew it, I’ve been better about cleaning my apartment and making it a home. It’s small steps, of course, but my apartment is becoming a more comfortable place to live, and the bed has been the epicenter.

The bed is delightfully firm, and while the other bed was something I fell into, I realize now how past its prime it was. This has taken some getting used to — it’s way higher than it used to be, I feel very much like the princess and the pea! – but I love it so much once I’m enveloped in it. And it taught me a little something about the power of investing in myself. I spend so much time concentrating on pleasing everyone around me, but to have something new and kind of luxurious for myself? So special. And such an amazing feel. It absolutely motivates making a change to your entire home, and your life.

What have you done for yourself lately? Have you made any subtle — but big- changes in your home? Would love to hear about them!

Disclaimer: I was gifted this mattress for the purposes of review, however all opinions expressed were, as always, my own.





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