Celebrating love — it’s not just about Valentine’s Day

Love is celebrated a few times a year — but lovers? That has a special moment of significance. Lover’s Day is a national holiday on April 23 that finds its focus in taking a moment out of your day to acknowledge your lover a little more than usual.

“Call of work let’s lay; call it lover’s day,” sang the band TV on the Radio in 2008 with their song, Lover’s Day. This segment of lyrics depicts the meaning of the holiday and reveals the most natural way a pair can share this day — in bed.

It is a day that’s wedged between holidays like Easter and the Fourth of July in a month where people, especially couples, may need a little pick me up. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want an extra excuse to enjoy their favorite person?

So here are some simple tips courtesy of Lifestyles’ recent sexual satisfaction survey to make your relationship, new or existing, even better not just on Lover’s Day, but for the entire year.

Build a strong foundation first. Having solid ground to stand on as a couple has its perks and being friends prior to beginning a romantic relationship can often help make things last. The physical portion of the relationship is usually better too because the key element of trust is present, which leads to intimacy and a more intense connection. Plus, while it may seem like everyone you know is sleeping around, in reality about half the male and female population claim they have had fewer than four partners in their lifetime, so take the time to get to know someone without shame.

Mix Things Up! People are always looking for ways to keep things fresh in their relationship so no one gets bored in and out of the bedroom. This can be done with surprise dates and thoughtful gestures for your partner to show them you care and still enjoy spending time with them. And if you are hoping to rekindle the physical passion, don’t shy away from using toys. With 55 percent of females wanting to start incorporating them and 59 percent of males excited to cooperate, why not have some fun?

Be direct about your wants and needs in a relationship. Communication is key, as we have all already heard, but people still hide in their shells when it comes to confrontation with a partner. Speaking your mind, picking your battles and dealing with problems while they are happening only solves things faster. And keep in mind, unless you are dating a psychic, they cannot read your mind — so start talking!

Don’t turn into the paranoid partner. Trust is hard to obtain and maintain, but it is essential to a lasting a relationship. It is also something that takes a conscious effort. Avoid accusations, jumping to conclusions and being too ready to fight with your partner. Fidelity is not dead and even though hacking social media can be a fun quest, it is not the healthy way to find out what your partner is doing. To make you feel better, 77 percent of people have never cheated on their significant other and would not resort to that if the option was present.

Whether you give a sweet treat to remind your lover that they are on your mind, or have a spontaneous date night to spice things up, Lover’s Day doesn’t have to be another form of Valentine’s Day in April. Let it be a Tuesday to remember this year.

This post was contributed to by one of my fabulous new interns, Bentley Weisel – please share a warm welcome!


  1. ravzie

    I didn’t know about Lovers Day! Another reason for presents, Woo HOO!

    Welcome new interns!

  2. I had never heard of this day before! Good thing my hubby and I already had a date planned.

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