Winter Wonderland: Nanette Lepore Provocative Coat

I apologize for the radio silence the last few days – I was fallen with the most evil of Fashion Week flu bugs…a flu bug that transcended into bronchitis, and a week later, is still not really gone.

The silver lining of the whole story is that I’ve mysteriously lost just about ten pounds in a single week. I realize it’s a very Devil Wears Prada fantasy sort of loss, and I’ll probably gain it back as soon as I regain the ability to swallow a burger, but still, for now, my visions of sexy skinny jeans and sexier tall boots are feeling more a reality than ever.

I’ve been coughing up a lung since last Tuesday, at the very least, the universe should reward me with a great ass for it.

But the long-short-middle-road of the story is that winter is soon to be upon us, and I need a new coat. I’d really love to say goodbye to the greys and blacks of my past – I worry my dreary outlook has created dreary days, and add some color and warmth to my world.

Is this Nanette LeporeĀ  Provocative Coat ($528) the answer?

I wish it was – but then again, I’m a writer — who am I to own a $500 coat? But it’s the idea – I love the name, I love the sexy thoughts it conjures up (there’s many ways to stay warm, my friends) – and I love the pop of color. I love everything, except the price tag.

And for that reason, I love sales. And outlets. And the hope that one day, I’ll stop coughing up a lung long enough to check one out.


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  1. Romina

    the provocative coat is on sale a http://www.nanettelepore.com, fyi.

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