Totally not boohooing over Boohoo

Sorry, you guys, couldn’t resist — the name is just TOO adorable.)

Anyway, my lady love Bryce and I had attended a Boohoo.com lunch a few weeks ago. I went into the lunch pretty sure I was going to be a fan because:

1 – The name is just too cute for words.

2 – They originate from the UK (as does most everything I love in the universe)

3 – And the dresses they sent me to try out? Adorable. All with a price point cheaper than my average happy hour.

4 – Also, they fed us. Feeding me always puts me in a good mood. (But that’s beside the point and I digress)

On-trend affordable fashions is my jam — I don’t make a lot of money, but I love having a lot of wardrobe options. (It’s a problem, ask anyone who faced death and fear in my closet.) ┬áBut as I’ve already declared this summer the summer of the maxi (for me, at least), Boohoo and I are getting along JUST FINE.

The dress in the photo is one of the dresses boohoo sent me – a strappy reversible maxi — that i’ve been wearing all the time of late, it’s sold out on the site, but you can find other great similar options for just around $20-$30, perfect for feeling pretty for summer, without maxing out the cards. (No pun intended!)


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