The 5 C’s of bathing suit shopping (and what’s the bikini for you?)

The necessary evil of summer vacay?


Trust me when I say it’s especially horrifying for me at this particular life juncture.

Any expert will tell you that buying a swimsuit is all about knowing your body type.

GREAT. So, what IS your body type? And what works well for it?

Check out the “bikini breakdown”I just did for LovingYou.com (not necessarily because this was something I needed to comprehend for my own shopping) Read on for my favorite finds for every type — from pear to apple, shy to bold! Then, check out more bikini buying basics – everything from cut, to color, to the best cup for you (and we don’t mean tequila), that I did over at StyleUnited!

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  1. ellen

    My best bathing suit nowdays is perhaps something similar to a suit of armor except waterproof. A covering from head to toe :)
    Nice articles though!

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