Staycation: Breezy Luncheon Chiffon Dress

Life is rather uncanny.

We spend months stuck at home, desperate to spread our wings and fly…until we spend a few weeks doing nothing BUT said flying and we want nothing more than to be back…home.

And home, I am (at least for a few days), and perspective is everything — because even though I have an unfathomable level of unread emails and a half dozen articles due this week, to have nowhere I need to be and the “free time” to catch up on work feels oddly like a vacation.

A staycation, if you will.

And because I’m completely blessed with the freedom to take my computer to a beautiful local cafe and enjoy a cortado as I catch up on said emails, I’m all about making it as Parisian as possible.

The mood is set — and all that is missing is that I be wearing this preciousĀ Breezy Luncheon Chiffon DressĀ ($49). With its delicate lace detailing and playful Swiss dotted skirt, it speaks of afternoons meant to be lingered and enjoyed — about relaxation and beautiful breezes and sunshine and complete and utter contentment.

That, my friends, is what summer vacation is all about – and if it can be achieved without leaving your very own block? Even better.

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  1. ravzie

    It looks cool and comfy!

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