Some like it pink: Tiffany Creates New Pink Jeweler’s Metal Called Rubedo

Is there anything better than Tiffany?

Doubtful – but pink does kick the awesome up a notch.

To honor the jewelry giant’s 175th anniversary, Tiffany & Co. created a new jeweler’s metal called Rubedo.

Imagine inventing a new metal to celebrate your birthday? Pretty cool, I’m rather in awe!

In a statement, Tiffany said that the name Rubedo was chosen because “in the medieval philosophy of alchemy, Rubedo was the title of the very highest achievement, when matter and spirit fused to create something of rare beauty.”

Love it.

The new metal is a rosy pink color; an alloy of gold, silver and copper. Tiffany metallurgists experimented with a number of different ratios of the different metals to achieve the desired color, which the company likens to the first light of a sunrise.

I cannot WAIT to see this  new alloy (which reads sort of like Aly, no?) in person, but in photos it reads cooler than rose gold, which is an alloy of gold and copper.

The new Rubedo alloy debuts in Tiffany’s classic 1837 collection. Pictured above is the Tiffany 1837 ultra wide cuff in Rubedo metal, inscribed with founder’s signature: it retails for $7,500.

Sigh, before I had rose gold dreams. Now, it’s all about Rubedo!

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