Pink Martini Emerson Embassy Ruffle Coat

The coat search continues.

When I was younger, my mother showed me her full-length camel coat, and I was smitten (except it was in a tiny size I can now not even hope to fit into).

Indeed, the camel coat is timeless, as is my love for it –  and if you can up the cuteness factor, even better yet.

Behold Pink Martini precious ruffled slim cut Emerson Embassy Ruffle Coat ($168).

Do I need it? Obviously. The price is right, and how can any man who passes my path NOT love me with flirty full ruffles encircling my bodice?

It’s like a mating call, I tell you.



  1. Nancy Reid

    The camel coats makes me want to move out of Florida just so
    I can flaunt it!

  2. Cathy B

    LOVE the coat!!! Great choice Aly… even if you live in the South, it’s worth having in the closet for travel and trips!

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