Niki Taylor Joins Nexcare’s Awesome ‘Give Blood’ Campaign

Niki Taylor, in all her gorgeousness, has joined Nexcare Bandages and the American Red Cross for the “Giving Blood is Timeless” campaign, and I can’t possible impart how supportive I am of this cause.

The nationwide initiative shines a light on the World Health Organization’s World Blood Donor Day on June 14 by thanking those who give blood and encouraging others to get involved. You guys, this is serious – just months ago, I lost nearly half the blood in my body and the ONLY reason I am alive is because someone out there in the world had given blood.

New for 2012, Nexcare Brand will be giving away limited edition bandages inspired by iconic trends from decades past, adorned with the word “give” to demonstrate that “Giving Blood is Timeless.” This collection features six eye-catching designs ranging from retro polka dots and tie-dye to grunge plaid. You can find out more¬†here.

Donate ¬†– for Blood Donor Day tomorrow – and whenever you can. It really truly saves lives, more than you can imagine! Do it for me — I’m not allowed to donate yet, and I really want to!

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  1. As a lifelong asthmatic I am not allowed to donate which bums me out, because much like you after my last two hospital stays I learned just how important it is to donate!

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