Making the most of your wardrobe

I’ve been in Nashville all this week and I’m having an AMAZING time — I can’t even begin to share how great everything has been. But one think that hasn’t been so great?

My packing.

I am disheartened to share this, because I’ve written in the past sharing tips on how to streamline and make the most out of less when preparing for a trip. Throw in a series of events, activities, play dates, and plain old fun and I have no idea what I was thinking because at this point in my trip (when it’s sadly winding to a close) I have six dresses left, and yet nothing appropriate to wear tomorrow.

It’s hard. And the truth is that our favorite dresses (or other fashion pieces) can absolutely be adapted in several ways. I wish I had listened to my own advice! Check out this piece I actually JUST wrote for StyleUnited on wearing one dress, 3 ways.

(Physician heal thyself.)

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