Making it personal with Boy Meets Girl

I write a lot about “personal” aspects of boys and girls.

Especially MY personal …boys and girls aspects.

No worries, this isn’t one of those posts!

Boy Meets Girl USA enquired if I’d write a post about how I may personalize one of their hoodies — and I was ALL about that.

There’s nothing like fashion items made especially for you. Hell, there’s nothing like ANYTHING that’s especially for you, and I’ve always been into Stacy Igel’s collection, which captures the innocent spark between boy and girl with vintage cameos.

I may play up being the edgy slightly-risky modern girl, but at my heart, I’m really a vintage kind of lady, waiting to be courted.

Imagine the love possibilities –anything from a monogram of your initials to wedding dates can be embroidered on these hooded sweatshirts.

Plus, I love hoods, they help protect against rain. And it rains every day. My own hoodie may indeed read TBD and me. (To be determined, alas) — but yours can be anything you want it to be. Even better if you have a name to finish the equation. What may  your personalization entail? Join in on the fun and share on Twitter sharing tag #MakeItPersonal  and @boymeetsgirlusa!

This was a sponsored post by The Blogger Connection, however all opinions were my own!


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