Just in time for fall, design your own Uggs!

ugg-by-youI’ve been telling my friends all week that I’m happier about the whole status of my life since boot season has started.

We’ll ignore that tights let me compress a fair amount of excess flesh, but in general, tights/boots season just make me feel so much more attractive!

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But as it continues to get chillier, I may not be AS into the weather patterns — I’ll still want my boots though.

I think it’s pretty adorable (and holiday season timely!) that Ugg Australia now lets us customize our Ugg boots and flip flops.  Ugg by You, is available for the UGG Class Short sheepskin boot and the Fluff Flip Flop (I prefer the taller styles, but I hope they roll it out to those soon). There are over 11,000 color, outsole and trim combinations possible through the footwear personalization tool. Prices are $220 for the customized boot and $110 for the customized flip flops. I’m into it!

What colors would YOU choose? I’m obviously going for the sangria.

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  1. Ravzie

    I just don’t know how to wear those.

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