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Limited 50th Annv Logo (gold)Y’all, I’m all about birthdays, even if they aren’t mine.

And so I’m excited that The Limited is turning 50 and in celebration of its Golden Anniversary, the brand is launching a multi-faceted campaign focused on helping women succeed.

This involves sorts of celebrations including a special initiative to support Dress for Success — an organization I hugely believe in that  offers professional apparel, support and career development tools to women who are entering or re-entering the work force.

To raise funds for this amazing organization, The Limited is inviting women to share their success stories/life lessons (both personal and professional) online at www.thelimited.com/50th. The company will donate $1 to Dress for Success for every submission, up to $50,000. Additionally, The Limited is donating to Dress for Success 30% of the proceeds from a limited edition clutch and a commemorative bracelet that will debut this fall.

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve partnered with The Limited  to give away a $50 gift card!

To enter to win, please tweet me or comment below with YOUR own success story or live lesson. Please also make sure you are following @TheLimited and @AlyWalansky on Twitter, and RT this giveaway. Deadline to enter is August 1!



  1. Raine

    My lesson is a common one we hear-‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ , ‘don’t take anything and/or anyone for granted’, and finally-tell someone how you feel-make sure you say how much you love them! I know this seems repetitive but sadly I learned the hard way when my fiancee and father of our 2 kids died suddenly at age 29 of unknown medical complications. Life was great, we had a challenging but wonderful future ahead, but life was also hectic so sometimes the smallest things would spark a disagreement and I know I had said ‘I love you’ many times, but I still regret not ever saying how much I cherished him and our family. So now I make sure to step back and take some calming breaths over little issues and always tell my loved ones how much they mean to me. @buzzyngabe

  2. Kelsey

    I recently graduated with my M.Ed to teach high school students. Glamourous I know, but it was a conscious choice. I was a graphic designer for several years, and graphic design (art in general) is still amazing, but I found it was not fulfilling me on a daily basis. Teaching is a way I feel I can positively affect the world. I got my third rejection today (I had three interviews out of about 30 jobs I have applied for). It is very frustrating, but I realize the market in my area is flooded. So my life lesson: Life is hard. To choose what you want to do means to scarifies and to be strong in the face of endless hardship. It also is important though to take comfort in the fact that I can chose, and to remember I am blessed in many ways. Choose carefully what is important to you because you will fight for it daily, but then you will at least know it is worth it. Here is hoping for another interview soon.

  3. Katy M

    I have a chronic illness and was told my chances of ever having children were incredibly slim. However, after 16 years of marriage we are now expecting our first baby- completely naturally conceived! It taught me to never give up hope.

    I follow you both and ReTweeted as @katygmorris.


  4. Nancy Reid

    A lesson to be learned ~ it’s never too late to start over. After enduring years in a bad marriage I mustered up the courage to divorce, start anew in the work force and after several years of putting my sons first and getting my life back together I fell into the arms of a wonderful man who is very loving and supportive! We are living proof that it is never too late so dream on!

    I follow @TheLimited and @alywalansky as @eyewonit

  5. Celeste

    Success? Hmm… well, I am glad that I went right to college out of high school. This allowed me to get my schooling completed while I was still pretty young.

  6. Susan Christy

    After 30 years in the travel industry, I was out of a job with and no idea what I was going to do. Got a job as a receptionist. My years of customer service were a huge asset, and I was gradually given more responsibility. Clients tried to lure me away to work for them! That was a stepping stone to my current receptionist position at a prestigious law firm. (And I need some new clothes!)

  7. linda

    finally lost that last 30 pounds of baby weight from 20 years ago. I know not as cool as some of the others 0 bit still…


  8. Stephanie Gossett

    I lost 80 pounds, and I am now a role model for my daughters. They will be raised on healthy food! I am now out of clothes! :) This would be amazing to win. Best of luck to everyone! I enjoyed your stories!


  9. Shannon S.

    My biggest success story is loosing the baby weight. I went a little crazy with my first pregnancy because I was told I would never have any children. I put on over 80 lbs. I ate everything I wanted and didn’t worry about it. Then after I gave birth, people still thought I was pregnant. I dragged myself to the gym every other day, I started small by walking. Now I work out 4 to 5 times a week and I run and cycle. I have learned to love myself.

  10. Shannon S.

    My biggest success story is loosing the baby weight. I went a little crazy with my first pregnancy because I was told I would never have any children. I put on over 80 lbs. I ate everything I wanted and didn’t worry about it. Then after I gave birth, people still thought I was pregnant. I dragged myself to the gym every other day, I started small by walking. Now I work out 4 to 5 times a week and I run and cycle. I have learned to love myself. oh I tweeted as @ShannonAnne23

  11. rachel

    Mine is “you can’t do it all.” Just accept it. It’s ok. Figure out your priorities and focus on those. Then you’ll find success.

  12. Sarah L

    I thought I couldn’t sing. Family messages: my dad & sister could sing and my mother and I couldn’t. Went to a women’s chorus concert and thought: I want to sing with them. Took singing lessons and the teacher said I had a fine voice. Auditioned for the chorus, was accepted, and I’ve been singing with them for the last 25 years. Never say you can’t do something – just do it.
    Thanks for the contest.

  13. Sarah L
  14. llinni

    So my success story is taking the ex to court without hairing a lawyer to get the deadbeat to pay a bunch of JVE expenses for the kids he has been shirking. I got (he got I mean) a contempt order out of it so now if he doesn’t pay current and arrears he goes to the clink. I know I sound like a biotch but it was much fun researching and studying and then to get this order! Baby needs new shoes (literally)

  15. llinni


  16. kolpin

    my life lesson is don’t give up. i’m starting a new entrepreneurial career which could take years to get off the ground, but it’s more rewarding to me than working for someone else. when people ask me what my deadline for achieving my goals are, i say as long as it takes!

  17. jeannine s

    My biggest success story is getting divorced. It took me a long time to come to the decision and I am all the better for it

  18. jeannine s

    follow and retweed @mellanhead

  19. Kim H

    My life lessons are that no matter how hard you try , you cant control how things will turn out…but with faith, you can overcome the bad and come out stronger

  20. Amanda S

    I have lost over 100 lbs over the course of about a year and a half. I’ve kept it off for about another 2 years. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done but the most rewarding.


  21. luci

    My life lesson is that if you stop looking for “the one” you’ll find him right under your nose

  22. luci


  23. Thomas Murphy

    My life lesson is resiliency. I know there are things in my life that are out of control but no matter how much life throws at me I just try to keep going.

  24. Thomas Murphy
  25. Karrie Millheim

    I became really ill and gained alot of weight. I felt like I was in a slump and depressed for years. I got it together and started eating better, lost fifty pounds and now am an inspiration on helping others lose weight.

  26. susan smoaks

    last year i lost over 100 pounds, i learned that i can do more than i ever thought i could, just do it!

    RT’ed and tweeted @fdp4life

  27. becca

    My life lesson is to never put off seeing someone you love.

  28. apple

    follow you both @applefondant

  29. Jada Giarretta

    I finally, after many years, I come to realize that my ex can’t control my life. In May of this year, my husband, myself and my children picked up and moved 630 miles away from my ex. He tried all he could to intimidate me, to threaten me and try to scare me, but I finally realized he didn’t have that power, I gave him that power and I finally took it back! We are happier than we ever have been and have started a brand new life!

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