Escape plotting (in pink, obviously)

So, this is TOTALLY a secret (don’t tell anyone!) – but as soon as I’m allowed to be an active normal human girl in the universe again, I’m plotting a series of escapes. One of which is on a weekend beach getaway with my gal pal Sarah Conley.

Shockingly, said getaway will include rationalizing a new swimsuit – and even more surprisingly — it will be pink.

Don’t tell Sarah — it’s totally rude for your date to see your outfit before the vacation – but I will be getting my Bettie Page on in this delightfully retro fuchsia halter one-piece ($75).

My body has been going through some ISSUES of late, and I’m not really feeling very bikini happy — it’s my goal to use color to  balance my body out visually. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed in your own frightening bathing suit forays, but busy patterns draw attention, while solid colors minimize attention.

 The adorably skirted cut in the front  is perfect for my current needs – and I’m living for the gathered sides — those are great to conceal a little of what I have going on in the middle.
You know what I need now?  A BIG FLOPPY HAT. Stay tuned.


  1. ravzie

    That’s what I need for my body type!!! Don’t want to wear the bikini anymore. Some things are best left under cover.

  2. Same here, as soon as I get a clear bill of health I’m off to the beach as well. Except in true NY style, my swimsuit will be black of course!

    Hope you are closer to being on the mend, I’ve still got awhile to go and two 2 week hospital stays since December 2011 under my belt. I can’t wait to get back to my old self again, I know you must be stir crazy as well!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly


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