Crazy Awesome: Missoni Zig Zag Ballet Flats

As I’ve been mentioning nonstop, I’m counting the SECONDS until the Missoni for Target collection launches next week.

I’m planning on buying out pretty much the entire Brooklyn Target. And I have no problem tripping people who get in my way.

While I’m tripping them, I should be well adorned, especially if disappointment (i.e. store sold out before I wake up) awaits me.

Perhaps I will cope over my loss (temporary as it is likely to be) with these fabulous Missoni Zig Zag Ballet Flats ($435).

OK, I won’t – that is pretty much my quarterly food budget. But in my fantasies, I would!

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  1. rose

    so pretty!! i’d never spend that much on shoes, apparently a lot of people do ssince its all sold out!!

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