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What Has Been Your Biggest Online Shopping Mistake? Win a $250 in Merchandise and/or Gift Cards From American Express Membership Rewards - A Little Alytude | A Little Alytude

What Has Been Your Biggest Online Shopping Mistake? Win a $250 in Merchandise and/or Gift Cards From American Express Membership Rewards

As you all know, online shopping is very much my *thing*, and being savvy is a big part of it — I see it as almost a type of Olympic sport!

American Express contacted me about a fun savvy online shopping series that culminates in a reader giveaway, and I couldn’t resist — especially since the program is intended to educate online shoppers on how they can stay smart online. And, lets face it, in a lot of areas online, many of us are not very smart!

I’ve made my share of mistakes: From ordering wrong sizes to overpaying to buying from sites where items never arrived, I’ve done it all. I’ve ordered K-cups on eBay that have arrived tasting oddly…stale. And clothing that didn’t fit that I realized too late was final sale.

I’ve also bought gifts for people that didn’t arrive on time. There’s so many ways to create drama in what is supposed to be fun and positive!

How can we shop smarter online? Here’s some quick tips:

  • Identity theft is always on the rise — When inputting the URL, browse your browser, you want an address that begins “https” instead of “http.”
  • Buy from retailers that you trust. The more reputable, the more likely you will have customer service to help you if you have a problem receiving your item, or need to exchange or return it. If you don’t know the retailer, do a Google or Yahoo search, or go to bbbonline.org to get information about the company’s reputation.
  • Use a credit card rather than a debit/check card. If your credit card information is stolen, you can complain to the card issuer who will investigate and take the charge off. If your debit card information is stolen, your bank account can be wiped out.
  • Do not purchase from a Web site that you found by clicking on a link in an e-mail. The e-mail could be a “phishing” scam involving a shadow site that looks legitimate, but is designed to steal your personal information.

What are some of your biggest online shopping mistakes? Tell me: Someone will win $250 of merchandise or gift cards through American Express Membership Rewards.

The primary goal of this program is to all of us (me included!) about making smart online shopping choices. With the fall fashion season in full swing, maybe we can showcase the RIGHT things to do by using some simple savvy shopping tips consumers can avoid the regrettable purchases. So, share some of your biggest online mistakes!

I’m going to write s second post next week with some “must haves” and also some more shopping tips I’ve learned in my own trials and tribulations — and then I’m going to share some of your shopping mistakes you submitted and how to avoid/correct them. To enter to win (the winner will be provided with a list of merchants and gift card options from Membership Rewards when notified they won) – please make sure you are an email subscriber of my blog (you can do so at right) – then tweet @alywalansky and @americanexpress sharing your biggest shopping mistakes (you can also leave them as comments below!) – and please also make sure you are following me AND retweet this giveaway. Deadline to enter is October 13. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I have been provided with an online shopping credit in exchange for participating in this program, but all opinions expressed are my own.





  1. amy

    I love the different ‘discount’ sites and have purchased from quite a few. However, my most recent big mistake was not noticing that a dress I ordered was ‘final sale.’ Didn’t love it when it arrived, but I was stuck with it…

  2. Mami2jcn

    I subscribe to your emails. I tweeted my response–http://twitter.com/#!/mami2jcn/status/122111117723041792

    My biggest mistake was using my debit card on Paypal. My Paypal account was hacked and my checking account funds were wiped out.

  3. Mami2jcn

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted the giveaway–http://twitter.com/#!/mami2jcn/status/122111800476041216

    I’d love to win! My birthday is next week!

    Thanks for the chance!

  4. mike

    BIGGEST shopping mistake — bought a computer on ebay @ a great price but never got it :( if it sounds 2 good to be true it most likely is and i found out the hard way !

  5. Jennifer Marie

    I made the mistake of using my debit card online-BAD idea!

  6. Jennifer Marie
  7. steff

    http://twitter.com/#!/DesMoinesDealin/status/122128300364677120 my answer

    i subscribe via email

    i retweeted and follow you! @desmoinesdealin

  8. Bruce

    I have never been screwed over with online shopping. I am a geek and I follow strict protocols to avoid these types of incidents. My basic rules are:
    Don’t buy anything off of eBay. You can generally find a better deal from a legitimate vendor.
    Don’t click on links in emails until you verify where they are going. Even if it appears to be a legitimate site in the email, that may not be the target. In most email clients, if you hover over the link, it will show you where it is going to go. This is the information you need to rely on. If it is going to a redirect site (bit.ly and others), don’t trust it. You do not know the real target. You are better off using a search site to try to locate the site they claim you will be deposited on. You could easily be deposited on a site that does a drive-by download of a keylogger on your system and that will put you in serious trouble.

    Aly, you need to get your tech geeks to look at what is happening on your site. My AV software blocked (and I verified) an attack when loading this page (Blackhole Toolkit Website 7, coming from vxzdbgvsx.ce.ms/showthread.php?t=72291731 and

  9. courtney
  10. courtney
  11. amy pugmire

    email subscriber.
    I tweeted
    biggest mistake was letting my 12 month old hold onto my license and debit card while shopping and it surprisingly got lost along our way. no idea where :(


  12. amy pugmire
  13. Tracy Robertson

    I made some mistake lately. I have a credit card that I use only for paying for my virus protection and my cell phone bill online. Someone stole the CC info and made a purchase with it overseas. Luckily my CC company was on the ball and notified me before I was even ever actually charged. I’m thinking someone from the virus protection place stole it. All of their reps are overseas. I need help finding a better virus protection system!

  14. Jody W.

    My biggest mistake was not using virtual credit card #’s that can be generated as needed. Once a card was stolen and used from an online purchase. Now I use the free virtual card feature that my bank offers, so I never have to use my real card #.

  15. Margaret Smith

    My biggest online shopping mistake was paying for a large purchase using Paypal. I thought that Paypal guareenteed all purchases, but found out the hard way, that they only honor certain ones and usually ones only through ebay. I got burned really bad with this purchase, never got the item and never got my money back.
    Thanks so much.

  16. Margaret Smith

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/peg42/status/122268500940165120
    Thanks again

  17. Adrienne gordon

    mine was not reading fine print on one site which started charging me a monthly fee.

  18. Denise M

    My biggest shopping mistake was buying an expensive DVD boxset on ebay only to find out that it wasnt able to be used by US players.

  19. Joe K

    I bought a hotel gift card from someone on ebay. It turned out to have $0 value on it. Fortunately, I got my money back.

  20. FaithJ

    I am a newsletter subscriber and am following you on Twitter as ZombiMeow.

    I tweeted this contest, here’s the link:

    My biggest purchase regret happened around this time in 2009, and it goes a little something like this: I had been looking for a basic skirt in winter white. And looking and looking. Finally, I found one online, at a store that shall remain anonymous. Since it was a Valentino Red skirt, it was expensive, even on sale. But it was beautiful! So I bookmarked it and kept checking in on it to see how that pricetag was doing.

    Imagine my excitement when it was marked down to 70% off, and it was available in my size! I noted the disclaimer that it could not be returned. I noted that there were no actual measurements posted in the description. Click, click, click, and very soon it was in my hands!

    I think you know the rest of the story: when it arrived in all its high-waisted, wintery white tweedy designer goodness, it did not fit. It was waaayyyy too small. I couldn’t even zip it up over my size 4 waist. There was no stretch in this fabric.

    I have tried several times to get rid of this skirt. I gave it to my size 0/2 sister for Christmas last year. She barely could zip it up, and it was so high-waisted that she couldn’t bend in it. She gave it back. I tried to sell it on eBay. No takers. I tried giving it to my petite no-hipped friend. She said she doesn’t wear skirts.

    This beautiful skirt hangs, with its tags still on, in my closet. It is a reminder and a warning to me to always make sure I can return an item when buying online.

  21. hminnesota

    I bought turbo tax from ebay..didn’t arrive on time, by the time issue was resolved with paypal & ebay..the tax deadline was passed and I was really stressed out. I could have paid 5$ more and saved myself from the pain.

  22. Mary W

    email Subscriber of your blog

    tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/cowladydeland/status/122334320798085120

    follow and retweeted this giveaway

    Biggest mistake- being too fast to click only to realize I did not really want that item, it’s the wrong size, I could find it cheaper elsewhere or used an unsecured site.

  23. Amanda Sakovitz

    email subscriber and i tweeted my answer: http://twitter.com/#!/aes529/status/122336127523897346

    My biggest online shopping mistake was ordering from unreliable websites and not receiving merchandise or good customer service.

  24. Amanda Sakovitz

    tweeted giveaway http://twitter.com/#!/aes529/status/122336864416968705

    thank you!

    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  25. Sue C.

    I’m an email subscriber

    My biggest online shopping mistake: trusting a major online retailer with the initials “o” to send an xmas present on time. I ordered the item in November and they sent a confirmation for 5-7 day delivery. They kept rescheduling delivery, promised I’d receive it before xmas, I trusted them, then didn’t receive it until 1 week after xmas. They lost a customer.

    I tweeted about the giveaway:

  26. Nadine L

    I subscribe by email (peaceloveandpetsblog@gmail.com) and follow on Twitter (@eyzofblu63) and tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/eyzofblu63/status/122359728599871489

  27. Janice

    My biggest mistake is being charged an add’l online fee without knowing.

  28. Janice
  29. Janice

    I follow you on twitter @disneyfan40 and tweeted

  30. tweet 2 – and I also follow you! http://twitter.com/#!/CrazyItalian0/status/122378512215703552

    gina.m.maddox AT gmail DOT com

  31. My response…http://twitter.com/#!/CrazyItalian0/status/122378058933080064

    I also subscribe to your emails!
    gina.m.maddox AT gmail DOT com

  32. Lindsay

    I was shopping for towels and wanted to get a couple just to see how they felt before I made a commitment (being about 4 bath sheets, 4 hand towls, bath mat, etc). I must have clicked through the checkout too quickly…. because when I received my email receipt, I had ordered 20, TWENTY, 2-zero, bath sheets and hand towels. Needless to say, the UPS guy was not happy when he dropped those boxes off. Nor was I went I saw my return shipping bill. Woops.

  33. Nancy Reid

    I purchased a WOW deal ~ spend $50 get a $100 WOWcher for @travelociy ~ but later found out that I had to book a room that was at least $250 before taxes ~ we can’t afford that even with a Wowcher. Lesson learned always read the fine print even if you have to change the setting on your computer to see it! $50 down the drain. You can have my WOWcher if you want it but it is probably not transferral and is non refundable.

    I am a follower of your blog as eyewonit AT aol DOT com and on twitter as @eyewonit and I tweeted my response as well.

  34. Deborah Rosen

    I’m a confirmed email subscriber. I follow you on Twitter @AsTheNight. I shared my shopping mistake here: http://twitter.com/#!/AsTheNight/status/122452025299566594 and I retweeted the giveaway here: http://twitter.com/#!/AsTheNight/status/122453087746134016 .

  35. jen gersch

    subscriberand biggest shopping mistake was buying cheap bras off ebay all straps broke within 1 wear

  36. Julie Sharwtz

    HI I follow and tweet @waterbluffy my biggest mistake shopping online was trying to by a air compressor for the car and they sent me a ac/dc adapter. I am not that savy or mechanically inclined but boy I no the differnce from a air compressor and a adapter 75.00 and still no refund.

  37. Ann A

    My biggest shopping mistake was shopping at a illegitimate online shop that ended up sending my info. to another company to attempt to charge me monthly for a membership fee. I had to call them to cancel it and reinstate my credit card. It was a mess!


  38. Lesia Chambliss

    Ordering something in your size, only to get it and finding their version of that size is not the same as yours. I find it best only to buy clothing online from a store that you have you have shopped in before (brick & morter store).

  39. Elena

    I accidently clicked “buy” button three times and was charged three times on my card. I had to call the bank to fix that mistake.

  40. Melissa

    I purchased a Christmas gift for my husband from a “Bargain” shopping site that turned out to be a scam – my credit card information was stolen and it took months to get all of the false charges sorted out.

  41. Elena

    I subscribe to your emails. Follow you on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway:

  42. milaxx

    I’m usually pretty good with online shopping, but I once signed up for one of those bookckubs trial offers and failed to cancel in time because I thought I had 30 days to cancel when it was really only 2 weeks.

    I follow on twitter as well.

  43. Laura

    Actually I’m going to share my cousins worst shopping mistake. She needed a laser removal machine for her salon and being a bit of a novice to online shopping she ordered from a retailer based in Thailand that asked to be paid via bank transfer. These are obvious red flags but again she was a newbie. Well she lost $8000 with no product and no justice.

    If I won I’d give her the giftcard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. patricia caradonna

    You really need to know your prices – I make a purchase online and found the exact item in the store much cheaper.

  45. ilRadd

    I haven’t had too many issues with online purchases – probably my biggest was w/a Yahoo store front that sent me the wrong item & wouldn’t refund me – I had to contact my credit card & they called them on a conference call w/me to get it straightened out.

    Going back some years, I did have a problem with a comic book retailer (mail order) that to this day still owes me about $52 in credit – the fact that they are out of business doesn’t help.

    RT’d on Twitter: @ilRadd

  46. Jack Davis

    My biggest online shopping mistake has to be that I trusted a retailer that I should not have. I went online and bought a charger for a new cell phone I had bought. Little did I know this guy was a shady character! Sure he sent me my charger, but then he proceeded to buy stuff for himself with my financial information! My bank called and told me they had spotted some suspicious behaviour on my account and asked me about it. WOW! He had bought a new computer and several other things to make up a complete multimedia computer setup! Luckily the bank reimbursed my money and went after the guy. THAT WAS SCARY!

  47. matkeltri

    My biggest mistake was trying to purchase dresses online (ebay). I’ve never gotten a single one that fit correctly. You’d think I’d learn from that, but I’m always optimistic.

  48. Heather

    Tying my debit card to my paypal account. Big no no. Learned my lesson the hard way.

  49. Sue C.

    My biggest online shopping mistake: trusting a major online retailer with the initials “o” to send an xmas present on time. Don’t believe them after they miss the first delivery date.

    I tweeted about my shopping mistake:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  50. Jeff
  51. Lorri S

    I’ve ordered things that didn’t fit, looked good online, but were a piece of garbage when received, stale food…

  52. Evelyn S

    I’m subscribed to your blog.

    I tweeted you & @americanexpress

    I re-tweeted the giveaway.

  53. Susan P.

    I ordered after reading the reviews and the materials used in the leather handbag/backpack. When I got it, it was so soft that there was no structure and as a backpack it wasn’t usable. Good thing I didn’t spend more than I could “lose” by not using it.

  54. Janice

    e-mail subscriber and confirmed
    following both as @cappytweet and RTed
    tweeted response: http://twitter.com/#!/cappytweet/status/122876395834720256

    biggest shopping mistake was buying something cheap from unknown, unreliable retailer. Sometimes you can’t sacrifice reliability for price because you do get what you pay for

  55. Debbie B

    my biggest mistake would be ordering something on ebay and not reading the description completely.

  56. PurpleLarkspur

    My biggest shopping mistake in that I *continually* purchase cocktail dresses without anywhere to wear them! For every wedding or formal event I am invited to, I have 3 dresses hanging in my closet. A total waste. I end up selling half of them on eBay.

  57. Schmidty

    I bought a bracelet on ebay that showed up with stones missing and a broken clasp :(

  58. Schmidty
  59. Schmidty

    I retweetd your giveaway tweet @rusthawk.

  60. Stefanie

    Mine was not online shopping but online bill pay where the site said my transaction didn’t go through & to try again so I resubmitted and ended up getting charged twice. It was fairly easily fixed but I never trust a site when it says to resubmit!

    I retweeted your giveaway tweet.

  61. mary rodwicz

    I follow you on twitter @alongcamemary1

  62. mary rodwicz

    Im a fan on Facebook “Mary Rodwicz”

    ty for the chance to win !! Mary =)

  63. mary rodwicz

    I had a problem with online shopping clicking on a link in an email to purchase.. Mary

  64. Oanh

    My biggest mistake and made twice is purchasing a handbag online at UO. The bags looked great online and just the right shade of yellowish. When I got the package, it looked terrible and the material was mediocre.

    I retweeted the giveaway @julybug17

  65. Sally Lewis

    I am pretty good at my on line shopping, I just wish I could do more of it!!!
    When I first started on the computer I had a freeze up at the check out so I clicked submit again. Guess what, I got 2 delivered. I was lucky someone my husband worked with wanted one, so we sold it to him. (USA Flag Pole Kit)

  66. MJ

    I haven’t been too badly burned shopping online, but my sister-in-law was ripped off pretty badly when buy a Dooney & Burke bag off eBay. She ended up receiving an empty box and had no recourse…

    Twitter name @butterflyrouge

  67. sunchicka

    Buying heels without trying them on. Just guessed and purchased.

  68. Sue C.

    I’ve regretted every pair of shoes I’ve ordered online – none of them have fit, even when I’ve ordered the exact pair I bought in a store, so I’ve returned every pair.

    I’m an email subscriber.

    I sent a tweet:

  69. Online Shopping

    Great post, thanks to sharing, online shopping is the best way for shopping.

  70. Michelle S

    Subscribed to emails :)

    Follow both on twitter @rsj2000mrs

    Tweeted response to biggest shopping mistake.

  71. flipflopflo

    I ordered an expensive loft bed for our son online. When it arrived, we opened the boxes to discover they had sent four end pieces and the center wasn’t there. I tried calling their customer service and complaining, but after the first call to tell them the problem, the issue didn’t get resolved. After that, every time I tried to call, no one would answer the phones. I filed a complaint with the BBB and continued trying to call them. When I realized they were ignoring my calls, I decided to use the cell phone to call again. Guess what?! They answered and I demanded to speak to the manager. Once I had him on the phone, I told him I would not give up on getting this problem resolved and would do whatever it takes to get this right. He sent the middle piece a week or so later and told me to keep the two extra end pieces. I ended up giving those away on Freecycle to a welder that wanted them to make a loft bed for his kids. I gave him a copy of the instructions to put it together and he made it with no problem! We still have the loft bed and our now 17 year old son still loves it. This all happened about eight years ago.

  72. Nikki S

    Somethings are too good to be true. I bought two pieces of off brand tech from a deal site at amazingly low prices and neither worked longer than a week!

    Abbreviated version tweeted at https://twitter.com/#!/emeryandnikki

  73. Courtney D

    My biggest online shopping mistake is trying to purchase jeans and having to send them back multiple times before i got a pair that fit.

  74. Erin

    Am I the only one who drinks and online shops? Big mistake. Huge. Just as a few cocktails will lower your inhibitions socially, it greatly reduces your threshold for spending restraint. Fortunately I’ve always made great picks while under the influence, but I’ve definitely splurged WAY more than I would have without a few drinks.

  75. Melissa T

    Once upon a time when the online shopping world is brand spankin’ new, I ordered make up, that I saw an infomercial on. Yeah I know, not the most intelligent move on my part, The make up came with a monthly subscription that was near impossible to canceled. I called. I was transfered. Put on hold. They made excuses. of course their customer service was outsourced.

    Finally I had to report it to my bank. Write a report. Yeah, I promise I’ve learned since then!

  76. Ravzie

    I am far too trusting! More than once I’ve been caught in a bait and switch….it’s just too dangerous sometimes!!!

  77. Colleen Cole

    The biggest mistake I made was buying my wedding shoes online and then having them shipped to my sister’s because they couldn’t ship to me. I picked them up a few days before the wedding…they were a full size too big! I couldn’t wear them and ended up scrambling at the last minute!

  78. It wasn’t a huge costly mistake but I ordered something that I didn’t even end up needing but got the refund less the cost of shipping!

  79. Patricia H

    One Christmas I was looking for a neon sign for my husband for our den. I saw one on ebay that was ending in a few minutes and was perfect and was ridiculously affordable so I bid on it. I didnt realize the shipping was over $100 which covered the actual cost of the light and I was forced to buy it. Now I read every little detail!

  80. Jeremy

    My biggest online shopping mistake has been buying from one of those websites that then automatically charge your credit card each month as a membership fee. The company kept charging my credit card even after I cancelled my account. I eventually had to change my credit card number to avoid any more charges. It was a real hassle as I had to then notify many vendors of my new credit card number.

    I am an e-mail subscriber and I have retweeted the contest.

  81. Sue C.

    My biggest online shopping mistake was trusting a major online retailer to send a present on time.


  82. DelilahSDawson

    I bought a Dell online in 2002. It only turned on once and then stalled permanently. I was never able to get a satisfying answer, and they denied it existed. Most expensive paperweight ever. And I’ve never, ever considered going Dell again.

  83. Jonathan

    My worst shopping mistake was when I was trying to help someone get the best deal on some computer equipment. I kept shopping around using Google’s shopping search engine until I found some really incredible deals. I was so excited to get the deals that I completely ignored my instincts and all the red flags. I ended up losing close to $500 on what turned out to be a total scam. :( Now I’m a lot more cautious when shopping online but I’d really like to have that $500 back; I could really use it in this economy.

  84. Stefanie G

    My biggest mistake I’ve made while shopping online is shopping when I can not sleep. I get very bored and cant find anything to do so I go online looking at sites, and since I’m tired I’m not thinking clearly, and I end up buying things I do not need or would never wear!!! It’s such a big mistake!!

  85. Mike

    Let’s see… I emailed HP to get specs on a new computer. Then, in the following week, I received a computer and a $500 whack to my checking account…

    I never agreed to buy it…

    HP took it back, thankfully…

    Be careful what you say when you are “talking” to someone who sells on commission online…

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  86. Mike

    Subscribed to your blog via email

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  87. Sue

    I tweeted about my biggest online shopping mistake:

  88. Rosey

    My biggest online shopping mistake has been to get sucked into auctions at the last minute, bidding far more than I would have within reason because I was caught up in the moment.

    I subscribe to your blog.

    I tweeted my biggest mistake to you both: http://twitter.com/#!/mail4rosey/status/124295338868752384

    I also retweeted the giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/mail4rosey/status/124297409521139712

  89. Karla Sceviour

    Im an email subscriber and tweeted you both my biggest shopping mistake

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  90. Karla Sceviour
  91. Maureen G

    My biggest mistake was ordering two pieces of accent furniture online and paying an exorbitant shipping charge for these”All Sales Final” items only to find the same items locally with no extra shipping or handling charges. I felt like a sucker and angry with myself for not taking the time to check locally.

  92. christinaz

    My biggest shopping mistake online was when I first stared shopping online I made a mistake and did not know the return policy bought an outfit for daughter that was not the size was supposed to be

  93. Linda s

    Biggest online purchase mistake was buying a bathroom light fixture by pic and description only. The price was so good I was able to afford a wall mount towel heater with the leftovers in my budget so it was a no-brainer. The description said it could be mounted up or down (one of those over the mirror bathroom lights) I got it intending to mount it woth the lights facing down. There were big stickers all over the box when I got sayiung it could only be mounted with the lights going up AND there was no way the light shades would stray on when if it was mounted down. Anyhow there was no way it would work (fit)mpounted facing up either.The upside is the retailer did refund my money – after 60 days.

  94. linda s

    email subscriber

  95. Sue C.

    My biggest online shopping mistake: trusting a major online retailer with the initials “o” to send an xmas present on time. I ordered the item in November and they sent a confirmation for 5-7 day delivery. They kept rescheduling delivery, promised I’d receive it before xmas, I trusted them, then didn’t receive it until 1 week after xmas. They lost a customer.

    I sent a tweet:

    I’m an email subscriber

  96. Elisabeth

    I’m an email subscriber of your blog!
    I tweeted my answer: http://twitter.com/#!/egood33/status/124492204587753472

  97. Elisabeth

    I follow you on twitter and retweeted this giveaway! :)

  98. Susan Smith

    I have learned not to buy clothes online. I once bought a shirt in my size and when I got the shirt it was too small and when I tried to send it back they told me that I couldn’t since it was a clearance item and all sales were final.

  99. Susan Smith
  100. Betty C

    My biggest mistake was buying an expensive purse and not paying attention to the size measurements. When it arrived it was huge! Unfortunately I got sick and failed to get the purse sent back within the time frame for a refund. I use the purse, but I really don’t like it.

  101. Colleen C

    My biggest mistake was ordering shoes online for my wedding. I had to send to my sister, because they wouldn’t deliver to where I live. I didn’t get them until the week of my wedding…and they didn’t fit…yikes!

    Followed, RTed, etc!

  102. Betty C

    RT the giveaway (@willitara)
    Follow on twitter

  103. brian e.

    Biggest Shopping Mistake: not reading the fine print of the retailers return policy !

    Subscribed via email…

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/brianpiero/status/124668146148843520

  104. brian e.

    Following YOU via Twitter: @brianpiero
    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/brianpiero/status/124669298278006784

  105. Emmy

    The biggest mistake I made shopping online was when I was shopping on ebay for a pair of Nike shoes for my younger brother for his birthday a few days before his birthday. I found the perfect pair of $400.00 Nike cleats he wanted for only $50.00 MAJOR steal! I was so excited and found out that they could be shipped out to me right before his birthday it was perfect I was so excited and I could not wait to see the look on his face when he saw them I could almost hear him calling me the best sister in the universe. Well, you know how they say if something seems too good to be true it probably is? The shoes arrived and I was so excited to open them until I say toddler shoes. Yes, by size 9 the person selling them meant size 9 in little kids shoes not size 9 in men shoes:/ I was devastated, deceived, and disappointed. I ended up giving m brother cash since I did not have time to buy him anything and ended up giving the shoes to my cousin’s baby son. It all worked out in the end I guess, but I would not have spent $50 on a pair of baby shoes ever even for my baby cousin and I promised my brother something huge then could not deliver what I promised:/

  106. @rsmstahley

    My biggest mistake was probably when I believed I was getting a good deal on eBay. It wasn’t a good deal, but I learned a lesson. If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t

  107. Brian Staulcup

    Overall I’ve been pretty lucky with shopping online, but once I bought The Jungle Book DVD on eBay which was advertised as the Disney version and got a lame remake.

  108. @lovinmomma88

    Subscribed! :)

  109. @lovinmomma88

    Went online shopping for Halloween costumes, and the costume didn’t fit with the party the next day. So didn’t have time to do anything about it.
    Last minute shopping for events, specially for clothes are risky.

  110. @lovinmomma88
  111. Sarah L

    my biggest shopping mistake was ordering the wrong size battery for my camera

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