Weekend Clearance Sale at Peppermint Park: So Good, It’s Ridiculous

You know when you fall in love with a store, live on it for WEEKS, and then life happens and you drift apart?

(The same could be said for romantic relationships, I agree – but then again, my greatest passion has long been with not paying retail.)

Well, this morning I got an email from Peppermint Park reminding me of their clearance sale this weekend. Suddenly, it hit me – I LOVE that site. They have crazy deals, amazing finds…why haven’t I been visiting more often?

Check out just a few of the finds I have made this morning that are blowing my mind (and giving me a whole new reason to atone this weekend..)

Alexander McQueen Red Leather Jacket

(YES, I know)

Originally $4,000 (prohibitively priced, yes) – now marked down 92% to $315!
Skinni Mini Boots by Luichiny

Marked down to $64!!!!

Ralph Lauren Cashmere Cable Knit Sweater

Originally $349, now $56!!!

I can’t even talk about this anymore – I’m wasting valuable time shopping very limited quantities – and I have a boot situation to remedy. But if you are not a member of Peppermint Park you can join right now, via this link.

Whewww…I think I need to sit down now.



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