Crumpler’s super cool Beer for Bags sale is going on now in NYC!

Beer for Bags at CrumplerIf you are looking for extra motivation to treat yourself — sadly, I don’t often need much — Aussie bag brand Crumpler is hosting a Beer for Bags sale its Soho, NY store thru Sunday, July 21st.

During these four days Crumpler is — I can’t believe this, but it’s a super coo. idea — accepting selected beer as currency and will offer a 30% discount on selected bags.  Shoppers then make up the remaining sale price by exchanging beer as trade. A selection of the company’s products will be exchanged for certain varieties and quantities of brew.

To view Crumpler’s trade wheel visit BEER and BAG TRADE  

The brand will also host an exclusive closing night party at a secret location on July 21st. The party will be revealed to the sale participants and selected friends of Crumpler. There will be a live band, DJs and patrons will be served all the traded beer for FREE. Participants of the promotion receive a ticket + 1 guest to attend the secret party once you do the trade.

Seems like a downright NOBLE roster of reason to go shopping. But, as I said, I don’t often need much.



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