Trying to make sense of this government shutdown (Apparently they’re ‘on a break’)

f29f99a24eb7505e9342148eded3c325I won’t pretend I understand the bulk of the fiscal and political situation that has led to the current government shutdown. Obviously, I’m a fan of affordable healthcare. However, I’m also a fan of operational government and fiscal responsibility and all the other things not readily available right now.

One thing I’m very familiar with living (and writing about) relationship drama – and listening to President Obama’s recent addresses, a lot of what he was saying rang strangely familiar!

Irreconcilable differences

It all started with a spending bill that has been going back and forth for weeks. You know how it is – you and your mate have this ONE topic you can never ever drop in arguments. And, of course, there was already trouble in their relationship.

You move on – or so you say? – but it’s only a matter of days before it comes up again in the heat of the moment and phones get slammed. This is sort of like that – except in this case,  we’re all GETTING INVOLVED IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP DRAMA. As in, the government has been shut down.

Why do we have to get involved in THEIR fight?

You know how it is when friends break up. The couple shares friends, and then have to undergo a dramatic division of “life property” – including, say, who gets to go to a mutual friend’s wedding. Do their friends want to be involved? Obviously not. Neither do we want to be involved in this. A government shutdown means that everything from processing our passport requests  to airport security will grind to a slow halt. Have fun with that weekend getaway, y’all.

Communication is so important.

“You don’t get to extract a ransom for doing your job, for doing what you’re supposed to be doing anyway,” President Obama said during his national address yesterday afternoon. “Or just because there’s a law there that you don’t like.” HOW OFTEN have we dated someone who never pulled their weight, ever, in the relationship and then wanted special credit for the one instance they actually did what they were supposed to be doing in the first place? We get it. Dating..err..politics totally sucks.

Try to always be kind

It’s the people who love us the most who can hurt us the most. Think back to the last time you had a dramatic conversation with someone you love and he said things about you and your character he simply can’t take back. You can have a differing opinions on matters and still remember to treat each other with respect. “The president has not acted like an adult,” U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, a South Jersey Republican, was quoted as saying in a Philly.com article.  He went on to call him “egregiously flawed” – well, that’s not very nice!

It’s all about customer service

Ultimately, in politics and in love, it’s all about good or bad customer service. And, now, with thousands upon thousands of government agency employees  on unpaid leave, wonder which side of the balance THEY think the customer service will fall on.

Save the best for last

Much like many a relationship drama, we hope a compromise will be reached, and these crazy kids will make it work after all. They’ll get back together – much like Brenda and Dylan, these guys have gone dark to some degree 17 times in recent history. ) — oh the path of true love never did run smooth!


  1. I think people who don’t want affordable health care for every citizen and stand in the way of it are just awful. :(

    • sharon


      A 20 year old making 11K a year will pay $175 a month (18% of his income) …..AND have to fork over the first $5000 as his deductible when he does need health care. He didn’t qualify for subsidies (but members of Congress did, even though their salaries are up to $174K a year. Why are we paying to subsidize congress members?)

      One more troubling aspect of this whole thing: Illegals (20 million +) are NOT eligible for o-care yet they WILL be treated in every emergency room in this country. No deductible, no paying into the system, no fee for services. No penalty (like citizens will be charged).

      This whole thing is a train wreck.

  2. Ravzie

    I say vote out all the SOBs. We need legislators who work together and compromise. I’m not going to debate either side, as they are both RIGHT and they are both WRONG!!!!

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