My chat (off the slopes) with Mikaela Shiffrin!

I’ve always loved the emotional, heartfelt stories behind legendary athletes.

Olympic Alpine Skier hopeful Mikaela Shiffrin has teamed up with P&G and Pantene to continue to celebrate the Thank You, Mom program, which pulled on the heartstrings of millions during the London Games. As part of the Thank You, Mom, campaign P&G is sponsoring the moms behind the athletes, as a tribute to the love and support they provide their children along their Olympic journey.

Mikaela’s Raising an Olympian film debuted last week, it’s part of a series that pays tribute to each athlete’s personal journey – all the highs and lows on the road to Sochi through the eyes of their moms. I had the opportunity to chat with Mikaela last week — about the series and so much more — and discovered she’s just as badass off the slopes as on!

mikaelaCan you tell us about how your mom inspired you?

The Raising an Olympian video does a really good job at portraying how much my mom means to me. It’s awesome because most of the stuff that’s going on right now in my life are interviews, videos, photo shoots just about me and my success as a skier, but I never get to actually portray what she does for me. She’s as much a part of the video as I am, maybe even more so. It’s been an amazing process creating that video because my mom was there the whole time- it wasn’t just me playing tennis, riding a bike, or eating dinner. It was the whole family. My whole life, she’s always been there for me. If I want to go play tennis, I always ask her to go play with me. We’re on the same page, she’s been so incredibly supportive. I’m so happy this video is out there now.

How do you chill out at the end of the day?

One of my favorite things to do is watch Glee with my mom. Every Thursday we sit down and watch it together. The most fun part during training is being able to sit down with my family and watch NCIS, Glee, or Friends and be able to calm down and laugh a little bit.

How do you keep your skin and hair healthy?

We’re in the most grueling conditions you can imagine for skin and hair, so skiing isn’t a really beauty-friendly sport. But I’ve been working with Pantene, CoverGirl, and P&G trying to figure out my beauty routine, and learn about what styles suit me. I used to straighten my hair, but I have naturally curly (frizzy actually) and part of what I’m realizing now is that I should just try to stay as natural as possible. So instead of straightening my hair now, I’m using a curling iron to add little bits of correction to the frizz but keeping it pretty natural and how it is normally. I went through a whole process working with Pantene when we were creating the RAO video, to actually make my hair look somewhat pretty. I went into the salon and they said I had a ton of hair, and a ton of split ends, so  they gave me a little bit of a trim and I’ve been using the “Repair and Protect Collection.” This helps keep my split ends under control and keeps my hair protected from being on the hill in harsh conditions. I try to keep my skin moisturized, so I use Olay Moisturizing Cream and their Night Fortifying Cream- that keeps my skin healthy. When I go out during the day I put on a little bit of Covergirl CC cream and a little bit of mascara and eyeshadow and I feel like that’s the best I can do. Normally, I look in the mirror and I think “yeah I look pretty good for being in the harshest conditions I can possibly be in for hair, makeup, and skin.”

What are your favorite cheats and what do you plan on pigging out on when you get back from Sochi?

I went to Sochi last February with our team for 5 days of training, and in our time there I went to this little store in the village I found a gigantic wall of cookies, where they had these chocolate wafers, and I decided on a whim to try them, then I found out they were the most delicious cookies I’ve ever tasted. Of course I splurge on some things that probably aren’t the healthiest like Captain Crunch, but of course it would be in Sochi Russia that I find this one treat that I would die for and can’t eat ever again. I’m hoping security isn’t super tight so I can slip out and get my chocolate wafers J.


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  1. Nancy Reid

    Beautiful, down to earth and talented! What else would you want in a girl!

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