Creeepyyyy….are store mannequins secretly spying on us?

Not that I’m all about the whole nefarious side of shopping — brawls, shoplifting, crazy people, anything else you want to add to the list that sucks — but the concept that store mannequins may be spying on us? Kind of freaks me out.

The mannequins, called EyeSee, are made by an Italian company named Almax. The EyeSee mannequins contain built-in cameras to watch shoppers and see what they buy, and also contain facial recognition software so they can remember you!

Great. That’s even more attention than I can get a date to give me. Almax says the mannequins can help identify demographics attracted to store windows, including age, gender and race.¬†ABC News¬†shows how the mannequins works. (And, spying on us ain’t cheap – they go for like 5K!)


  1. Ravzie

    I thought those eyes were following me, but no, everyone said I was just paranoid, LOL.

  2. Betty Baez

    I think it’s great to stop shoplifters

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