Giveaway and Review: AT&T HP Veer 4G Smart Phone

With my never-ending affection for giveaways, it felt wrong to let the first days of Alytude’s new home go by without a fun product to share.

And one of my favorite giveaways to do — despite my beauty obsession – are gadgets.

I was at an event a few years ago, and was gifted the original Palm Pixi — at the time, it was on Sprint, and despite being an avowed BlackBerry girl, I was loving the form and style of it.

However, at the time, there were things I *didn’t like — I didn’t like webOS and I didn’t like the lack of Wi-Fi (stone age, I know).

Well, fast forward to the here and now, and welcome to theĀ  HP Veer — now it’s on AT&T, and I believe it may be the first brand-spanking-new phone out of the Palm camp since the Pixi.

…and…I like it!

For those who aren’t loving the new trend of huge phones (what’s THAT about???) this is small and is faced with chemically-hardened Gorilla Glass – super durable if you are like me and always dropping your phone everywhere.

That’s not where the minimalism ends: You’ll find the speaker and camera are co-located in the top left corner. ALSO a noise-cancelling microphone is in this corner — but you won’t find a removable battery — because there’s no removable back!

You know who I think this phone is perfect for? SomeoneĀ  who wants a webOS phone with a physical keyboard, but isn’t into Androids. Also great if you love things petite in shiny new packages! Which, if you read Alytude, you obviously do.

And, so, I have one of these babies to give away. Want your chance to win?

1 – Subscribe via email to Alytude’s new home (you’ll see a link at right) – that way you’ll never get spammed, but you will know whenever there’s exciting news or new posts! (And other contests)

2 – Tweet and follow both @alywalansky and @ATT and tell us what YOUR favorite features in a new phone are.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on THIS phone below – especially if you’ve tried it! Deadline to enter is July 5.


  1. ellen

    The minute you got a newsletter I subscribed :) What I like is this thing is small- my brother in law has a larger phone (android) that looks massive compared to this. I also am really liking this is an HP, a brand I know and love as well as AT& T .

  2. Patrick

    I’ve been drawn into the AT&T store to play with the Veer way too many times to admit, and I do really like the device. The screen is small, but it is no smaller than the Nokia E71 that I’m currently using. The keyboard, however, is much more compact — which is the only thing from keeping me from Veer-ing.

  3. T999n999t999

    Love your giveaway! I followed you guys both!

    I look forward to touch screen phones but this little guy is just so small and easy to use! Thanks for this!



  4. SewCalGal

    This sounds like a great SmartPhone. I just have a basic phone and really would love to win this. I have subscribed.

    And, I hope it is ok, as I added this giveaway to my page where I share insights on giveaways & contests: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html


  5. @crypticmama
  6. Michelle

    What an awesome give away. I am embaressed to admit that I still use a razor. I know I am missing out on so many tech applications. Twitter???? Wouldn’t know where to begin, but boy would I like to try. From what I understand, there are so many apps that are great for quilters and SLPs (work is always on my mind…haha). What a great opportunity/give away…would LOVE to win this one!!

  7. crimit


  8. Sharon

    I’m so far behind the timse tech-wise that all of these smart phones are highly appealing to me. The idea of being able to have on-the-go internet access is a huge draw.

  9. robin

    I just signed up for your newsletter, and would LOVE to win this phone! Thanks for the chance!

  10. robin

    Tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/birdie00000/status/88446738041540609

    My phone is so old that I’m not even sure what features I like in a phone…

    I’m now following both you and @att on Twitter.


  11. Elizabeth P.

    Subscribed to your emails :)

  12. Elizabeth P.

    I haven’t tried this phone but it looks fantastic! especially since mine is dying & hubs’s phone is close behind… since babe loves to thrash both. I would love a durable yet super functional phone & this seems to be it :)

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