Giveaway: AT&T HTC Status

I’ve not often been tempted by the android world for the same reason I have no desire to own an iPhone -I have an irrational fear of the touch screen.

I’m not alone – for many of us of the BlackBerry generation (of which I still belong), a quality keyboard is the only feature that truly matters. I write hundreds of emails a day from my phone – I need to be able to use it as a mini computer.

I plan to live forever, with my thumbs blazing, and finally, Android is giving me that option. The HTC Status is a new breath-through: And, indeed, I like it!

That’s not the only thing that makes this phone innovative – it’s also the first device with a Facebook share button. The HTC Status, available exclusively to AT&T customers, is quite possibly invited for those of us who are text message (and social media) obsessed.

It also has a back-facing 5 MP camera, and provides an android option at an unbeatable price ($50 on contract) – making it verrry tempting.

Are you tempted? I have one to give away! To have your chance to win, please tweet: @alywalansky and @att I need the @HTC status” – and why you need it. Please also follow @ATT and @alywalansky and RT this giveaway. Deadline to enter is October 6!



  1. Schmidty

    I retweeted your post @rusthawk.

  2. Ravzie

    Looks Great!!! I need one!

  3. C. Speck

    I definately need a new phone! As of the moment I am researching getting an updated phone as mine is really not text messaging friendly. This phone sounds like it could be my answer! PLEASE come through for me!

  4. Madison McPheeters

    I tweeted! I’m @MMcPheeters on twitter.

  5. Elisabeth

    I follow both on twitter and retweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/egood33/status/121770413775790081

  6. CJ

    Nice giveaway! I was looking for an AT&T phone, so my younger brother could join our cell phone plan. This phone would be perfect for him, and would allow us to keep in contact throughout the day. — Always the best giveaways, Aly!

  7. sydney60171@gmail.com

    would love this

  8. Shannan

    I need this so bad, my phone is going out.

  9. Deborah Lincicum

    HollyDebDeborah Lincicum

    @alywalansky and @att I need the @HTC status please I’m soooo jealous of my hubby’s he won’t let me play with it says “get your own

  10. Deb Lincicum

    tweeted HollyDeb

  11. Laurie D Thompson
  12. Veronica

    I tweeted and followed! Pick me! :D

  13. john M

    nice giveaway you have going would love to get my hands on a nice sleek phone especially since my recent one broke thanks for doing nice giveaways

  14. Cathy B*****y

    so sad I missed this! I am in desperate need of a new phone… mine died and fell apart almost immediately this past year… but sadly, i didn’t opt for insurance so there was nothing they would do about it… Hope the person who won it, loves it!

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