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Greetings from the sky! I’m on a plane home from Seattle (for a brief respite before I leave for Israel on Monday) and catching up on the news I missed the last few days. My intern Bryan shares news that later this week (first of all!) Earbits.com will be launching a new streaming music mobile app that recommends and creates personalized music stations by blending listeners’ music on their mobile devices with Earbits stations. ALSO super interesting for those of us who love our music and love it NOW, Bryan reports the following. Read on! For those that despise listening to numerous ads about car insurance, “The Voice,” and online universities, which should be everyone on planet earth, online radio site, ‘Earbits.com’ is offering “commercial-free music discovery.”

Groovies, the first social currency that allows consumers to earn unlimited access to free streaming music — without ads or subscription fees — by taking simple actions that benefit indie artists.  According to the announcement, Groovies are designed to solve the streaming music monetization problem for artists and labels and allow fans to better connect with bands.   We know a few musicians, and the value of Groovies can be pretty awesome for artists, plus it’s a pretty way for fans to connect with their favorite indie bands with a single click.  With one click, simultaneous user actions include recommending songs to friends, joining a band’s email list, sharing songs to Facebook or Twitter, among others.  Users can customize which actions they take.  Users also earn Groovies to redeem for on-demand music and/or rewards.

You get the chance to not only discover awesome new artists that not many people know about, which will also allow you to be the pretentious person you’ve always dreamed of being, but it will allow you to help and connect with indie artists. You are also helping indie artists gain more exposure by sharing their music with all your friends on various social media sites, although you may want to keep your favorite band a secret because if more people find out about them than they are considered uncool, and that is according to a drunk couple I talked to at a FUN concert. If your music taste needs a boost and your iPod is tired of seeing Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna, than you should allow Earbits to give your ears numerous orgasms. How’s that for a visual. We’re into it. Are you? Reporting for this story was contributed by my intern, Bryan Brunati.


  1. linda

    You have an intern? I am jealous

    • Aly

      Linda, if you knew my schedule, you’d be shocked I don’t have an army of interns. :)

  2. Jill L

    Sounds interesting. Can’t wait to give it a try.

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