Who says we can’t have sequin stockings for Hanukkah?

mini-sequin-stocking-decorationsWould it be counted as a crisis of faith to say that I feel like I got a bum rap?

Hanukkah is great and all, but we don’t have NEARLY as fun decorations abounding as Christmas. For instance, I really would love a sequin stocking like these at Harrods.

I mean, just check out the faux-fur trim. It’s so me!

You can find them here on harrods.com. (And, yes, I’m still considering the gold one — that totally goes with blue and white, right?)

Photo: Harrods


  1. celluloid17

    I grew up celebrating Hanukkah as well and I was always bummed that there wasn’t a Jewish equivalent to Santa Claus. Now, I sort of celebrate a generic holiday-ish Christmakah. Although, with Hanukkah falling so early on the calendar this season, it’s more like Thanksgivingmakah!

    The gold sequined stocking is awesome and totally goes with blue and white…go for it!

  2. Mike Flavin

    Harrods is the most amazing store!
    Whenever I’m across the pond I try to pay them a visit.. they have everything you could ever imagine in there, from sequined holiday stockings to a Maserati

  3. Deborah Rosen

    Well, you need something to hold the gelt, right?

    • Deborah Rosen

      I follow/retweeted and commented on “Who says we can’t have stockings?”

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