Surviving the worst mosquito season of all time — God help us.

Kill me now.

Between the torrential rains and the endless high temps, these past weeks have been as opportune for mosquito breeding as tequila night at the frat house for horny humans.

This means that repelling mosquitos — a thought I once left to evening walks and picnics in the park — has become a full-time job.

Seriously, I’ve been spraying before I leave my apartment EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s like putting on my war armor.

Mosquito repellent is important — my obsession with Avon’s Bug Guard is legendary — but there’ a lot of other things we should be doing to protect ourselves, as well! Check out my story today for CompletelyYou.com: 1o tips to repel mosquitos. (And if you have any tips, please share!)


  1. nancy reid

    I attended a lovely wedding on the beach in the early evening two weeks ago. I have no less than 100 mosquito bites. The wedding location was House of Refuge. How did I know it was outdoors? No repellant and no car. We ready shuttled from hotel to site for lack of parking. Never again. From now on I go everywhere armed. I have to try this stuff! I like the idea that they have towelettes and I trust your recommendation!

  2. ravzie

    I be hearing what you be saying! I have about 5 bites right now. I’ve been using my SkinSoSoft, but it ain’t holdin’ now.

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