Support La Roche-Posay’s Save our Skin Campaign (and help prevent skin cancer!)

saveourskinCall it half over-research, half paranoia, but I’m super paranoid about my skin.

Every spot ever gets super scrutiny, and I’m never a second late for my annual skin screening.

We can all do our part to help ourselves, and others, save our skin from skin cancer, as part of their on-going “Save Our Skin” skin cancer awareness campaign, La Roche-Posay is auctioning off umbrellas that have been signed by a range of celebrities on eBay Giving Works.

It’s a super cool initiative, and 100% of the proceeds raised by this auction will benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation! Just like an umbrella protects you from the rain, umbrellas provide a layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. You may have noticed lots of people walking around with umbrellas on this summer’s worst days? Those probably are the people with the healthiest skin!

Celebrities such as Jason Bateman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yankee player Brett Gardner, Mary Murphy, Adam Driver, the cast of Kinky Boots on Broadway, the cast of Annie on Broadway, and the cast of Wicked on Broadway have donated umbrellas, it may be a good opportunity to get yourself something pretty unique (and for a great cause!)




  1. Nancy Reid

    Very nice! Would love to see Kinky Boots!

  2. Meghan Peters

    I couldn’t agree more! I am very pale and I choose to stay that way! I hate seeing all of these young people spending so much time and money on getting a very unhealthy tan!

  3. Ravzie

    You are so fair that, of course, you should be extra careful. I don’t want wrinkles – well, more wrinkles anyway – so I am all about sun protection. Parasols used to be the way ladies kept their ghostly white skin in the past, right??

  4. jeannine s

    I am so paranoid abut skin cancer as well. I carry suncreen with me everywhere

  5. Veronica Vasquez

    Skin cancer is a concern of mine and I think this here is a great campaign!

  6. Brittney House

    I wish more people were educated about skin cancer and how to avoid the risks. I think if we had more awareness, there will be less people getting skin cancer.

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