Is the shake weight the answer to my problems? Probably not, but it’s fun.

hairshedStress is no joke people.

I feel like I’ve been somewhat of a Sad Sally this past week…a lot has been going down, and truth be told, I haven’t been handling it all that well. It’s funny how the human body reacts to times of stress. For the past week, I’ve hardly slept, I seem to only want to eat crap, and I perpetually feel like someone has punched me in my gut and just left their fist there.

And now, insult to injury, my hair has started shedding. A sign of crazy going too far.

I think something kind of wacky happens when various unrelated events happen all at once. They somehow get intertwined in your head, and in my heart, and all seem to be part of one big compounded storm.

Isn’t that how tornados happen too?

I’m trying hard, starting today, to make a renewed effort to take better care of myself. Life is short – I should know that better than anyone – and things can change in the blink of an eye. The people you are sure will be there for you tomorrow if you need them may not be – in fact, they may choose that exact moment to disappear altogether – and you need to carry on and be great anyway. And that’s hard. It’s especially hard when it’s the same people you’d have given anything, always, to be there for.

It’s hard not to become a harder person. It’s even hard to not sort of turn that anger inward. Like if they were maybe onto something. If there was something about you that makes you so easy to leave behind. Look, even my hair wants to leave me!

But then you realize you are ridiculous. That they are ridiculous. That if they don’t love you, then you have to be there for you anyway – and so today, I’m trying to do better.

Yesterday I was out shopping (therapy comes in all forms, and that is mine!) and I came across the Shake Weight in a As Seen on TV booth. I confess, I was intrigued. Obviously, I didn’t actually believe it worked — but it was on sale for $4.99 — and that is worth the experiment. That’s like 75% off!

You may recall that a few years ago the Shake Weight got famous pretty quickly because of the ahem…suggestive way you are supposed to engage with the tool in order to tone your arms. I HATE my arms, so I was all about trying it. Plus, as we covered earlier, I live for the ridiculous. And you know what? If you follow the instructions, you forget how dirty it is pretty fast. Here’s a snippet of my first workout!

If six minutes a day tones my arms, I’m totally OK with perpetuating a bit of silly. And if it doesn’t? The loss of six minutes a day won’t kill me.

Will keep you tuned on how it works :)

I’m also trying to put better things in my body — because the stress diet of falafel and champagne is — shockingly, just not cutting it, and am trying out youthH2o – it’s available in Duane Reade now (i.e. easy for me to get to, even when I’m in lazy-not-getting-out-of-yoga-pants-mode) and is sort of “liquid energy shots” that promises to help restore youth by boosting collagen, mood, libido and energy levels. I honestly don’t need my libido much right now, but maybe boosting my mood will change that — and maybe if I boost my energy I will do more for my body than shaking sexually suggestive weights…

Anyway, it’s been quite the week. Thanks for putting up with my less than stellar mood tweets. This week is going to look up, I promise — and next week, I’m going to Cancun! (Should I take my Shake Weight with me???)


  1. I stress eat too ugh! Such an awful cycle to get into. I hope everything turns around for you. Big hugs!

  2. Nancy Reid

    Sorry to hear you sounding so down and out! Put down the shake weight and find the real thing, if not possible how about trying Red Reishi ~ I understand it is a miracle mushroom! For real!

  3. Allison

    I want video footage of you doing a Shake Weight workout in Cancun, LOL!!!

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