Giveaway: Zumba Fitness Dance Party (and a reminder of why I hate the gym)

This morning, I wrote a rather dramatic post about trying to get back on the fitness “horse” — get ready for a whole bunch of horse analogies because I’m going to the Belmont Stakes this weekend! — and it is something I’m super serious about.

 But said horses come in many stripes, and I keep on being reminded that my stripes are not gym colored.

Don’t get me wrong, I love group fitness classes — Zumba, yoga, etc — drop-in classes or even package deals at your favorite spots or with your favorite instructors. But the gym? Again and again, I’m questioning if it’s the place for me.

We’ve all been there — it can be SUPER hard to motivate ourselves to get to the gym — especially when we are out of practice. I motivate myself with promise of fun offbeat classes, and usually end up having a good workout AND a good time while I’m there.

When I’m in town and not at something work-related during those hours, I usually go to the nightly dance-fitness classes (Monday, it’s 2Fly, Tuesday, Caribbean Rhythms, Wednesday, Zumba) — they are always in the same room, and always the same time, so I suppose I’m rather easy to find. Last week, I was engaging in my habitual watching of the previous class – Body Shred — grimacing as I hope to embrace the benefits of the class via osmosis (you really break a sweat just watching, it’s that intense!) — when a trainer came over and introduced herself to me.

“Are you thinking of taking the class?” she asked.

“Oh…no…that doesn’t look very fun.”

(You see, I stand by my refusal to do NON-fun workouts. Circuit training and core bootcamp may be a blast for some of you, but I don’t like being yelled at, or made to cry. No thank you.)

“So what do you do at the gym?” she asks.

I tell her about my penchant for classes where I can bounce around to music and not really have any “rules” — with a sometimes-side dish of yoga-lates.

“I see,” she says. “What if I were to tell you I could show you how to maximize your time at the gym and get better results?”

“I kind of feel like my time is pretty max-tastic already.”

“I could help you tone up, lose those pounds, concentrate on the areas giving you the most problems.”

At this, I instantly had a flash back to the season 3 episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 (the original, the new one is dead to me), when the spa attendant told Kelly she would help her focus on her problem areas. We all know what happened after THAT.

(If you don’t, just stop reading. I can’t help you.)

I told her I really can’t afford a trainer — God knows the only reason I can do the gym is because I had gotten a free membership in a gift bag! — but it was nice to meet her. Then, like a crack dealer with supplies needing demand, she offered a free session just so I would see what I’ve been missing.

“And it’s fun?” I say, knowing it isn’t, but just messing with her. “Parts are!”


Thank God, my class began, and I made my getaway.

Until today. When I’m leaving tonight’s class and she finds me asking if I was done thinking yet!
Lady, I overthink everything, and you haven’t made onto the agenda yet.

(To myself, I said this. I am not rude.)

I refrain, and reiterate that I’m much more of a class girl. She asks for my number so she can text me about some specials she has coming up, and then asks me when I’ll be in next so she can look for me and we can “explore my options” — why can’t a single sexy man ever be this stringent in his pursuit?

Anyway. I find myself, now, hesitant to go back to the gym, just because I don’t want to be harassed — she’s not the first trainer to stalk me. My very first day there, someone took my body fat percentage and essentially told me I was a heart attack waiting to happen and needed him before I needed a stretcher. But I find him oddly less bothersome than this one!

It’s hard enough some days to motivate oneself to get off the couch and head to the gym: what if you had to worry about being bullied and harassed by one of the staff personal trainers whenever you’re inside the facility? It makes you want to not go at all. Or go somewhere you feel comfortable. And for me, it’s no longer this gym.

Zumba, though — it’s where I always feel right. As I tried to go the trainer (who can’t understand no!) – I enjoy the fitness without judgement. I love that I go into a room, and I just keep moving, and by the end of the class, I’ve accidentally gotten a great workout and sometimes even made some friends! And it’s why I keep coming back — just maybe no longer at this location! You don’t have to be a good dancer, you don’t have to plank just right or burpee the best — go ahead, try salsa-ing left when everyone else was cha cha-ing right. No one will judge you. Or talk to you about your PROBLEM AREAS. And that’s why I love it.

And what I also love about Zumba is that you don’t necessarily need to be in a class to do it — though that’s super fun and like a giant dance party! — but you can take it with you. I’ve traveled with the Zumba DVDs, and now that Universal Music and Zumba Fitness recently released “Zumba Fitness Dance Party” – a collection of music that combines hits from some of UM’s hottest artists like Lady Gaga,Will.I.Am and LMFAO, with original Zumba Fitness tracks featuring rhythms from around the world,  I have the option to listen to it and dance along anywhere. A lot of these are tunes played in my classes — but if I’m out with the girls in the park and we are hanging out, we can have an impromptu dance-off. (Yes, my ladies and I likely to do such things more often than you’d imagine.)

Track Listing:

1.       Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

2.       Zumba Fitness – El Amor, El Amor

3.       Lady Gaga – Marry The Night

4.       Zumba Fitness – Caipirinha

5.       LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock – Party Rock Anthem

6.       Zumba Fitness – Zumba Mami

7.       Taio Cruz – Dynamite

8.       Zumba Fitness – Mi Vecina

9.       The Wanted – Glad You Came

10.   Zumba Fitness – Sweet Girl

11.   will.i.am featuring Eva Simons – This Is Love

12.   Zumba Fitness – Pa’la Discoteka A Bailar

The songs are really good to just LISTEN to, though, even if you don’t necessarily feel like  dancing. (Though I bet they make you want to!) – and so, I have 5 of these CDs to give away, and I really hope some of you find the same motivation in them I do. To be one of my 5 Zumba Fitness Dance Party CD winners, please comment below or tweet me at @AlyWalansky (make sure you are following!) and tell me why your workout of choice (whatever it is) IS your workout of choice. I’d love to learn! Deadline to enter is June 15. Good luck!

(And wish ME luck, because I’m scheduled to go back to the gym for the pop-centric spin class tomorrow night, and now I’m a little scared!)


  1. Dawn

    Wow, girl, you summed up (I almost wrote ‘zumb-ed’ up… it was an accident, I promise! LOL) ALL the same reasons I love zumba. I am ALWAYS salsa-ing left while everyone is cha-cha-ing right. Also, I like that it takes concentration (for me!) to do the moves even remotely like the rest of the class, so my mind is on that and not impending deadlines, laundry or baby poop. You know, the fun stuff.

    I should mention that Call Me Maybe is my four-year-old daughter’s favorite song and if I win the CD, I will post video of her dancing to it and doing karaoke. Or maybe that’s incentive NOT to choose me… you haven’t heard her sing yet. :)

  2. Tamar

    I like walking! I just walk everywhere these days. I’d love to get some cardio going so this would be awesome, especially since I haven’t tried Zumba yet and want to.

  3. Nicole Newby

    My workout is my 9 month old. I would love to win this for my sister-in-law, wh0 just popped out baby number 3. She usually does the Wii Fit for her workout, and she has a dance game for the Wii, so I bet she would LOVE this!

  4. Katie K

    Currently do videos by Gunnar Peterson, I like them because he isn’t totally annoying like some folks on DVDs are :)

  5. Ravzie

    Oh, Aly, that’s a story, LOL. I am too intimidated to do those sorts of classes. I am doing my Bowflex at home and walking the dog. I’ve lost 20 lbs since the first of April!!

  6. phillisha

    My favorite choice of workout is Zumba on the Xbox Kinect because I feel like I’m just playing one of those dance games while exercising. The dances are challenging and I’m so competitive that I try to get all good marks on the songs. It’s really fun.

  7. Suzanne K

    At this point, I’m enjoying the elliptical because I don’t have to think or plan or try to figure out what to do…just get on, put a sitcom on TV and poof goes the time and I get a reasonable workout. That having been said, I LOVE to dance and really want some dance related workout things I can do… here’s hoping I’m zumba-ing soon!

  8. Charlotte

    My workout is simple playing outside with my daughter and being as active as we can! We love to dance!

  9. Daniel M

    my workout of choice is mountain biking, wish it would stop raining!

  10. Christine

    I like to do Boot Camp dvds

  11. Laurie Emerson

    I just began Zumba classes almost a month ago. There are days when my muscles feel like I left them at class but I am still going to it.

  12. lisaray1956@hotmail.com

    I do a class when a wonderfu trainer, whom my husband and I have dubbed “the Energizer bunny.” She’s always finding something new to do, both in class and out. Who would have thought that I would find out that I LIKE weights? (And, although I don’t actually LIKE running yet, I no longer hate it – and just ran 6 miles today! We’ll see how I’m doing tomorrow.)

  13. jen gersch

    I have been doing the same boring weight lifting workouts for years. I need some spice for my sugar.

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