Fun fashion finds for the gym!

I feel like my relationship with fitness (and health, and dieting) is very up and down this past year — I do really well for a while, and I do really bad for a while.

A lot has to do with related circumstances – I tend to not incorporate fitness or eating right into a travel intensive schedule, or when I feel a lack of support. Once upon a time, I was Princess Will Power, now, I’m easily succumbed when a friend encourages me to taste that dessert or eat that burger.

It’s hard, it’s really hard, because even now, reading this — I see myself blaming everything and everyone but myself for a situation that is my own doing.

But I’m also trying to keep things fun and different — and part of that is shaking up the gym routine with really interesting classes. Last week, my friends and I experienced SurfSet Fitness for the first time — it was SUPER hard –  a mix of strength training and cardio on the RipSurfer X surf board meant to mimic going surfing (sans the water) – I fell off my board about a million times. The next morning, we tried out the BarreTender workout at Gravity Fitness — taught by an actual ballerina, it works on using ballet moves for stretching and core training! I LOVED it. Dance-based classes tend to be my THING. (While I have other friends that flourish in a more core bootcamp dynamic, I more excel at convincing myself i’m at a party where movement just happens to be involved.)

But that was all nearly a week ago. This week, I’ve had a really hectic deadline schedule and I’ve been to no classes – and yet I’ve been to a dinner where I completely overindulged, and events every single night that involved a glass of wine. I’ve eaten no takeout though this week, and cooked for myself whenever home – I feel like that little bit helps maintain a modicum of control. But in a few days I go to Texas – the land of cowboys and excess and the best Mexican and BBQ I can find – I am toast. And now whole grain.

What I’ve been trying to do – and it’s actually working – is put cute workout clothes into my life, as inspiration to wear said workout clothes, and thus, workout. Last week I went to a class just to show off my new ruffle yoga pants. Vain, yes, but whatever works, right?

Check out my new post for CompletelyYou.com, which features a roundup of great fun fashion finds for the gym – this trick just may work for you as well! (And please let me know if you know if any other cuteness I should check out!)

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