Ever wonder about the slim-down secrets of the celebs?

Obviously, I did. And do.

So much that I’ve been TIRELESSLY working  all week on a piece for Celebuzz where we went to some of the top trainers in the biz — the very ones who work with the top stars – and learned how they make magic happen.

(Actually…where does that tirelessly phrase come from? It’s not really accurate. Tiredly! Much of my work while not tiresome results in one being tired!) – this was a super-fun project though and I learned so much!)

Can you imagine the stress of having to wear sheer, cutouts, slits and mermaid silhouettes — in front of all of America, and have them criticize you at the slightest jiggle? That’s why these trainers are in HOT regard.

Some of the best tips (from the greatest out there!) are in this slideshow – Stars’ Red Carpet Slimdown Secrets! Would love your thoughts – and your OWN slim-down secrets!



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  1. Ravzie

    I think it would be easier for me to keep slim if it was my job. And if I had all kinds of money to have trainers and the best of everything. And surgery.

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