Does eating junk food lead to depression?

The last few months I’ve been forced to spend a lot more time at home, not moving around — and have been eating a lot more “cheat” foods.

And I’ve been down — is it because I’ve been stuck at home, eating said foods? Or am I eating said foods, because I’m stuck at home, and feeling kind of down?

According to a new study, eating some junk foods  may increase your risk for depression.

The study discovered the trend that people who regularly eat baked goods — the commercial kind, not momma’s home-baked with love — and packaged, processed foods tend to suffer in greater numbers from depression.

The study was conducted by following 9,000 people who were not depressed over a period of six years. At the end of the study they found that the people who ate the most junk food had a 51% higher chance of suffering from clinical depression than those who didn’t eat much junk food. 500 people ended up with clinical depression at the end of the study.

Scientists don’t know why junk food causes depression — or if it really does. The relationship is there, but it’s very much a chicken and egg theory: Also the study found people who followed the Mediterranean Diet with plenty of whole grains, fruit, fish, vegetables and nuts, suffered from much lower rates of depression.

CBS’ Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis discuss the findings with Dr. Holly Phillips, in this video below. What do YOU think of this theory?


  1. ravzie

    I’m going with depression causes junk food consumption….

  2. nancy reid

    I believe this to be so because junk food is NOT food! It is food products. There are only two types of food ~ plants & animals. If we stick to plants & animals and eliminate processed mass produced food products as much as possible, depression, obesity, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure and only God knows what else would be greatly diminished. Food products are full of chemicals and various other additives.

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