Do women hold each other back? The truth between the war (within) the sexes!

I’ve always believed, when I am feeling down about my life or my day, the best thing to do is go out and help someone — someone who may just make me realize how truly lucky I really am.

Every day, women are trying to pursue their dreams and realize their passions, but can be held back (even by other women). Research shows that helping others and being in the supporting company of other women actually reduces stress and makes women healthier and happier. And donating or doing something good releases oxytocin and physiologically, you feel good by doing good.

Renowned author and life coach María Marín is no stranger to helping other women grow, realize their passions and reach their potential. Earlier this week, she sat down and answered a few of my questions in a video interview. Among the topics that arose were what women can do to incorporate their passions into their everyday lives, how women can support and lift each other to reaching goals, and the introduction of “Give a Girl a Break” – an amazing new program she is helping to launch aimed at encouraging women across the country to support each other.

Check it out right here, and please share your thoughts as well!

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