Can wearing heels kill you?

….and I’m not talking about falling off them onto a train track either…

There was an ABC News report by Nick Watts about a new Australian study that discovered women who wear high heels show major changes to muscles and ligaments over time.

Well, duh, we know THAT.

It gets better, though. The study, appeared in the Journal of Applied Physiology, also found that high heel wearers suffer major changes to the way they walk, even after the change into flat shoes. This means their calf muscles shorten and some researchers say the inflammation can lead to heart disease!!!

Heart disease. WHICH CAN KILL YOU. All because you love your sexy stilettos.

Dr. David Agus agreed with that assessment, saying that inflammation anywhere in the body is very bad and can lead to coronary artery disease.

So, what do you think? Have I been watching too much TV? Or does this give you — and your favorite shoes — a little something to think about?

My advice: Wear your sexiest shows where being sexy counts. But as soon as you get in that car, change into flats!

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  1. brenda r

    I have to think that everything is in moderation, if you wear sneakers or stay barefoot – you can get flat feet. I love my heels but I also wear sneakers and sandals. I exercise and make sure that everything I wear is comfortable. Do whats best for you, stay healthy and everything else will follow.

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