My new hair — unveiled!!

I’ve been chatting for weeks (OK, fine, YEARS) – about how desperately I wanted hair extensions.

But at the same time, I was afraid. I’m a rather addictive personality – especially when it comes to things that make me look and feel good. (You know, except eating healthy and exercise, that is.) – and were I to finally get fabulous hair, would it be a gateway drug for me? Would I be obsessed and unable to stop?

As I live hand-to-mouth many a month and hair extensions can cost several months rent, that’s a risk I never could afford to take.

When LeMetric Beauty Studio contacted me and asked me to play  model at the launch party for their new hair extensions bar, I nearly fell off my chair. Basically, drink a little wine and get a little weave? Obviously, I’m into it.

So, I present to you, a short photo diary of the process that my lovely (now lovelier) locks went through a few nights ago.

Danny is placing extensions piece by piece using HOT FUSION. How awesome is science?


All together, he added 100 16" pieces - mostly for length vs. volume - as my hair has not wanted to grow in ages and breaks off when it reaches a certain point, this alone has been exciting!

Wine and weave. The reality is, I need nothing else in life. (iPhone is in my lap, clearly I need that too.)

With my sister friend Bryce Gruber of TheLuxurySpot.com - she came to hang out while I got my fusion extensions and ended up playing with some really fun clip-on extensions while she was at it!

The extensions I got were a form of fusion hair extension that is literally fused to the base hair with a hot fusion tool. (That’s why they are called fusion extensions!) If you have a lot of hair, this process can be sort of time-consuming – I don’t, so not so much for me – but while you are getting fusion extensions, several strands of your natural hair are separated and small sections of hair extensions are bonded to the scalp using a protein glue bond. It feels sort of like you have gel pebbles on your head when it’s done!

The process was amazingly fast and easy – I was in the chair for about three hours — half the time of my average Japanese thermal reconditioning treatment. And, if only goes well, I may have these babies through summer! There are many variables which determine the amount of time any type of extensions will survive, such as how fast natural hair grows (which, for me, is nonexistent), whether the bonds get damaged or slip,

  •  And here I am 3 days later – check out the results, and some of the fun I’ve been having!!

Here we are at day 3 – we’re just about getting to “wash my hair” day, and  I’m getting really nervous! My extensions are human hair, and I’m told that I can treat them largely as I’d treat my own hair, with a few caveats. (I need to braid every night before bed, or the hair can get tangled and matted), but the idea of washing and styling it for the first time is a wee bit intimidating. Obviously I need to be gentle and avoid damaging those bonds – I want these extensions to last as long as possible. I’m also to avoid using excessive heat near the bonds – hard when your roots themselves are very curly and need heat in order to be blown out straight. I’m so complicated. Help!

Interestingly, I was researching how to care for hair extensions last night, and found an article on SheKnows from 2008 — THAT I WROTE. I had no recollection. My brain is gone. Anyway, there’s some good advice in it! If I can say so myself. Which I suppose I can since my lack of brain seems to epitomize reading with fresh eyes!

Do any of you have hair extensions? Did you psych yourself out of caring for it as well? Did you end up going for a million blowouts to eliminate the problem?

PS:  LeMetric’s Hair Extension Bar is set to launch April 4th – mention this blog and get FREE eyelash extensions (just tips). Can’t beat that!

Disclaimer: LeMetric gifted me with the hair extensions and the application process for the purposes of this review. However, all opinions expressed are always my own!


  1. Natalie

    ‘Drink a little wine and get a little weave’ … you are hilarious! Your hair looks amazing! I’m curious to see how easy it is to care for and how long it lasts so keep us posted :)

  2. Lily

    OMG!! You look so beautiful!

  3. Allison

    Wow! It looks great. This method definitely sounds like it’s healthier than others I’ve heard of. If I ever get extensions I am totally going this route! Looking forward to your updates about how well it washes and styles!

  4. Nancy Reid

    Aly, I think that your hair looks beautiful. I hope it lasts for you and comes a regular routine that is simple and manageable for you. Time to show it off in a new twitter profile pic! xox

  5. Betty B.

    You look fabulous! I’m curious to see how long they last good luck!

  6. tracy

    i soooo want hair extensions i googled the lot wigs clip ins etc but urs look so natural and beautiful u have a lovely happy glow please post how u look after them.. tracy


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