I’m ready for a big hair change — how drastic should I go?

I’ve been thinking a lot about shaking things up — doing something new and fun and different to add some excitement to my life.

Just figures that in the midst of all this, I’d have some assignments related to rocking totally new and different hair and it’s gotten me THINKING.

Today for LovingYou.com, I had articles go live both involving rocking some seriously fun hair — one, the cotton candy hair trend – the other, the rose-gold hair trend.

I seriously love pink, but am I ready to make it that intimate a part of who I am? Then again, with clip-in extensions or temporary dye hair spray, that’s not so big a deal…

Speaking of extensions, looks like I may finally be getting them! Will be able to share more a week from today, stay tuned…! How long do we think I should go? I’m thinking of seriously going mermaid-style this time, you guys!


  1. Nancy Reid

    I think you would look daring with some funky hair extensions. Personally, I would not want to risk any further hair damage with harsh chemicals! Good luck. Can’t wait to see your new spring look!

  2. Change and transformation is what this year is all about, go for it!

  3. Ravzie

    I would advise against the silly colors, but you could rock ’em if you wanted to…

    I’d like to see you with some gentle curls.

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