How to (not) burn yourself with your curling iron

So, this weekend I was at Soap Opera Fest, and  it was – obviously — amazing. En route to interview the (still!) enigmatic Stephen Nichols, I realized the interview would be worlds more effective if I curled my hair.

(Consider his various romantic histories and you will realize how incredibly right I am.)

However, before I got to the point of said curls, I got to the point of not-so-sexy burn and decided I’d just stick with what I have, to avoid further bodily injury. (Picture at left. Ain’t I awesome? How does one even burn their ARM when curling their hair on their HEAD?!)

I’m pretty sure everyone who has ever used a curling iron has been burned — obviously some more often than others.

And then I realized – perhaps more important than my wooing a sudser with my curls may be tips for what to do in the event you are in such majority (which I’m sure you are).

Since the burn has already occurred, this is a post more about healing than prevention. (Though prevention is the best cure ever!)

First thing to do is run cold water on the burn  — this lowers its temperature and helps to minimize eventual scar tissue. Then, to reverse the damage, treat daily with aloe vera or the liquid from a broken capsule of Vitamin E. I do this on my large surgical scar as well, and it really does help it to begin to fade quicker! Another tip: Take an aspirin or ibuprofen — this eases the pain and will also help swelling go down.

BEST tip? Don’t burn yourself. And then teach me how to manage THAT.


  1. Ravzie

    You are the only one who has done this. I also recommend against falling downstairs….

    • Ravzie

      Oops, supposed to be NOT the only one.

  2. Nancy Reid

    On my Ali ~ be careful! It seems if you are not blowing something up, tripping, or spilling something you’re burning yourself up. Are you sure you don’t have ADHD? LOL Feel better Sweets!

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